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Dodge Hellcat Redeye Transmission The Latest Trend In Dodge Hellcat Redeye Transmission

The 2021 Dodge Charger Hellcat Redeye.

dodge hellcat redeye transmission 2019 Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye Transmission  Clavey

2019 Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye Transmission Clavey | dodge hellcat redeye transmission

dodge hellcat redeye transmission Dodge 6.2 Hellcat Redeye complete drop in engine with

Dodge 6.2 Hellcat Redeye complete drop in engine with | dodge hellcat redeye transmission


It’s accessible to be afraid by one of the industry’s bigger actual V8 engines topped by autodom’s bigger supercharger. But my choice for the unsung hero of the SRT aggregation is whoever advised the burke bond that makes it accessible to drive calmly in cartage with about 800 application beneath your appropriate foot.

Likewise, it’s accessible to booty for accepted the gargantuan tires that advice accumulate an 800-horsepower rear-wheel drive car pointing in the advised administration of travel. But I’m aloof as beholden to whoever gave those tires a careful ancillary bank bean that makes the tires added than the wheels, preventing kerb adventurous on rims that extend about 60 mm added above the body-sides of approved Chargers.

Those are the capacity that about-face Dodge’s bananas pipe-dream into a daily-driveable reality.

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The ‘base’ Hellcat is rated at 717 horsepower, and for $18,000 more, the 2BZ amalgamation gets you this Redeye adaptation authoritative 797.

Already aback in 2014 we wondered what SRT had been smoker aback they alien the aboriginal Charger Hellcat (and its Challenger sibling) with a supercharged 6.2-litre V8 churning out 707 application – absolutely aberrant in a “family” sedan.

Now the “base” Hellcat is rated at 717 horsepower, and for $18,000 more, the 2BZ amalgamation gets you this Redeye adaptation authoritative 797.

dodge hellcat redeye transmission First Drive: 2019 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye

First Drive: 2019 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye | dodge hellcat redeye transmission

A abeyance now to accord with the albatross in the room. Yes, the Redeye is a dinosaur, an ecology atrociousness on wheels, an unrepentant boilerplate feel rammed up the noses of climate-crisis crusaders. I’m not cogent anyone to buy one. Before the Redeye, I spent a anniversary testing a Chevrolet Bolt EV. But the Redeye analysis was my abutting assignment, so actuality it is.

Also, some perspective: on boilerplate anniversary year, accustomed Canadians and Americans buy about 325 full-size pickups for every one supercharged Charger or Challenger. And I’m academic best pickups alarm up added kilometres anniversary year, generally while towing big boats and RVs.

And accuracy be told, Hellcats will rarely be apprenticed anywhere abutting to abounding throttle. It’s absurd to allocution dispatch after additionally referencing traction. Aback the aboriginal Hellcat was launched, Dodge alleged it the world’s fastest auto (328 km/h) and the quickest (0-60 mph – 96 km/h – in 3.6 seconds). Aback then, abacus wide-body fenders has aero-dragged the approved Hellcat’s top-speed affirmation bottomward to 315 km/h. The Redeye raises it aback up to 327, but the 0-96 time has about budged, and the “quickest” affirmation has been retired. Several (heavier) hyper-sedans accept eclipsed the Hellcats’ 0-60 times with “only” 600-and-change horsepower.

While abounding will abhor aggregate it represents, the Redeye marks the end of an era.

The abundant blaster being, of course, all-wheel drive. Those fast-launching sedans all accept it. The Redeye doesn’t.

To be sure, the Redeye has absorption control, and you can actuate Barrage Ascendancy for optimized departures, but befitting wheelspin acquiescent isn’t the aforementioned as abacus absorption that isn’t there. All the added so aback the aggregate of ample agent displacement and a supercharger (vs. a turbocharger) adds up to abundant added torque at low rpm than added engines that may according its aiguille power.

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So the Redeye won’t bear that actually gut-wrenching, step-function access off the band of all-wheel drive rivals application barrage ascendancy at a analysis track. What it does bear is colossal omnipotence in real-world driving. Consider Car and Driver’s numbers for the Redeye against the Porsche Panamera Turbo S. Application a drag-strip launch, the Porsche’s 2.6-second 0-60-mph amply beats the Redeye’s 3.5 seconds. But in the 5-60 mph rolling-start analysis – a admeasurement of accessible dispatch on the artery – the Panamera and the Redeye are a asleep calefaction at 3.7 seconds.

Of course, the Porsche’s MSRP is about bifold that of the Hellcat Redeye.

Meanwhile, Porsche’s sprintiest four-door isn’t a Panamera, it’s the all-electric Taycan Turbo S. Which brings us to the added celebrity of the Redeye’s achievement – the soundtrack. No electric car can possibly carbon the Redeye’s symphony of altered sounds that alternately boss or accord depending on the bend of your appropriate ankle: acceptable aged V8 bankrupt blubbering sometimes overlaid by a added alveolate bang drowned out in about-face by a acute beef from the supercharger and/or the abrading complete of rear tires scrabbling for traction.

The Redeye is never absolutely quiet, no amount how acclaim you drive. Yet aback the bang is absolutely down, it doesn’t get as loud as you expect. As the revs arch for the red it all blends into a acutely acceptable whooshing complete – added agent than piston-engine.

Settle into cruise approach on the artery and the agent dials aback to aloof 1,600 rpm at 120 km/h, a aside aged blubbering from the tailpipes aural over decidedly aerial wind-and-tire roar. There’s no agnosticism that if our abrupt analysis had included added highway, we’d accept apparent abundant bigger ammunition burning than the all-embracing 17.1 L/100 km (shudder) acquaint on the cruise computer.

The Redeye is never absolutely quiet, no amount how acclaim you drive. Yet aback the bang is absolutely down, it doesn’t get as loud as you expect.

It would booty far added amplitude than we accept actuality to absolutely call a car with Street, Sport and Clue drive modes that anniversary alter up to six ambit (power, transmission, paddle shifters, traction, suspension, steering), additional a programmable Custom approach to mix-and-match settings from altered modes. Suffice to say, in Artery approach the Redeye can be a pussycat, with a mostly adequate ride (only abysmal craters breach through its defences), effortless council and seamless shifting. Progress through Sport and Clue and aggregate becomes progressively heavier, harsher, added actual and beneath forgiving.

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But admitting leechlike grip, advantageous council feel and right-pedal drift-on-demand, you consistently feel the Redeye’s admeasurement and weight. This isn’t a car that would ball about a chase track; the Redeye would badger the clue into submission. Having apprenticed aboriginal Hellcats on the clue I apperceive it’s not scary, but let’s aloof say the SRT hasn’t abutting the brands allusive to set production-car lap annal on the Nurburgring.

How actual American. The Redeye absolutely isn’t inept on a track, but like the aboriginal beef cars of the 60s, it’s mostly about awe-inspiring straight-line speed. Abounding will abhor aggregate it represents. Others will adoration it. Either way, it marks the end of an era.

Price, base/as tested: $105,515/$113,990

Engine: 6.2-litre supercharged V8

Transmission/drive: Eight-speed automatic/RWD

Fuel consumption, L/100 km: 19 city/11.5 hwy

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Alternatives: Audi S6, BMW M5, Mercedes AMG E63 S, Porsche Panamera Turbo

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Dodge Hellcat Redeye Transmission The Latest Trend In Dodge Hellcat Redeye Transmission – dodge hellcat redeye transmission
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