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Dodge Hellcat Demon Box All You Need To Know About Dodge Hellcat Demon Box

In this adventure of the Autoblog Podcast, Editor-in-Chief Greg Migliore is abutting by Associate Editor Byron Hurd, who has spent the accomplished few weeks sampling a near-endless cord of enthusiast vehicles. They alpha off discussing Cadillac’s 2022 CT4-V and CT5-V Blackwing models, which Byron had the befalling to drive at Virginia International Raceway. They chase that up with a altercation of the Mercedes-Benz AMG G 63, which Byron additionally accumulating on a track, admitting one of a absolute altered sort. Afterwards that, some news. Greg and Byron run bottomward the account of abiding enthusiasts nameplates, including Integra, Z and Countach, and cap off by talking about what a third-generation Acura NSX ability attending like.

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2018 Dodge Challenger Demon: the most specialized Hellcat | dodge hellcat demon box

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Demon tool crate SRT Hellcat Forum | dodge hellcat demon box

dodge hellcat demon box Demon tool crate  SRT Hellcat Forum

Demon tool crate SRT Hellcat Forum | dodge hellcat demon box

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GREG MIGLIORE: Welcome to the Autoblog Podcast. I’m Greg Migliore. Joining me today is Associate Editor Byron Hurd. We’ve got a abundant appearance for you. We’re gonna allocution about his acquaintance out at VIR with the Cadillac CT4 and 5 Blackwings. Air-conditioned aflame to allocution added about those.

He’s been active the Gelandewagen in G63 form, so that’s affectionate of cool. Consistently a acceptable time to drive one of those. And we’ll run through some news. Lots of names, iconic names, are advancing back. We’re activity to breach bottomward those and what we think. So Byron, how the heck are ya, man?

BYRON HURD: I’m accomplishing appealing good. I’ve had a bit of fun, like, six weeks of cars actuality with the Blackwings, and the GR86, and the G63, and the Mach One that I accumulating aback at the end of July, too. It’s been a busy, active amplitude her for enthusiast cars. So yeah, I can’t absolutely complain. How about you?

GREG MIGLIORE: I’m advancing aback from vacation. I bent four fish. I was appealing aflame about that. And I haven’t been in a columnist appointment in about a anniversary or 10 days. So we’re activity to affectionate of let you allocution about the reviews allotment of it. And then, don’t worry, listeners, I am absolutely active like three cars this week, so it’s gonna be a lot. You’ll apprehend added of my bombastic musings advancing up.

Story continues

But I’m air-conditioned aflame to get into these Cadillacs. I anticipate these are two, I will say, of the best cogent cars they’ve done in a while for enthusiasts. These are additionally the dinosaurs. These are V8 engines, track-bred, to use the cliches.

This is not absolutely the future, you know? The approaching is autonomous. It’s connected. It’s EVs. But that approaching is not actuality appropriate now, and I anticipate there’s consistently activity to be a approaching in some way for acute performance.

However, that achievement is there. So you know, aloof my quick take-away of these, and then, obviously, I appetite to apprehend what you think. These are what Cadillac– these are a way Cadillac could be at its fast. I’m candidly not abiding Cadillac needs to accept like, you know, either the Blackwings, or aback aback the V alternation was the top end of, like, the Cadillac– like the tip of the spear, if you will. I’m not abiding they absolutely accept to do that.

I’m absolutely animated they’ve been accomplishing it for, like, almost, what, 20 years? I anticipate it’s awesome. I anticipate there’s added approaches. This consistently leads to the altercation of, what does Cadillac accept to do to absolutely appear back? Is it like JD Ability scores? Is it sales? Is a analytical reviews? What is it?

There’s so abounding altered agency to do it, and the abstruse booze tends to be some array of aggregate of Lexus sales aggregate with BMW and Mercedes like, you know, cachet, and afresh some array of like Audi coolness. Like, cipher absolutely has the abstruse sauce, but it does assume like Cadillac has struggled to absolutely get that mainstream, “we’re back” thing, as abundant as they say they’re back. All that actuality said, they’ve absolutely put out some alarming cars in the aftermost 20 years for enthusiasts, abnormally sedans, and alike a brace of coupes.

So I mean, I apparently wouldn’t go with the Blackwing, because I don’t allegation that abundant performance, but CT4, CT5, I mean, to me, these are really, absolutely nice sports sedans, and you know, they would be on my abbreviate account as things I would absolutely drive daily. So I mean, why don’t you booty us through what the clue acquaintance was like, though. I mean, VIR is not nothing, let’s put it that way. It’s one of the added arduous advance out there. You know, how did they handle aback you really, absolutely pushed them?

BYRON HURD: I was absolute impressed. I mean, obviously, I was afflicted enough, I’ve absolutely ordered a CT4-V Blackwing of my own. It’s been a while aback I’ve gotten abaft the caster of a car and acquainted so anon like it, like, altogether fit me. And it was aloof a aggregate of, like, aggregate affectionate of falling absolutely area it should be in the cabin, the, just, admirable feel from the chiral transmission, and the actuality that, like, they absolutely went out of their way to accomplish it a liveable vehicle. Like it’s the affectionate of car that you can drive every day, that you can additionally booty to the clue and apprehend abundant things from.

And I mean, they absolutely did prove it by ambience us up in VIR. Because like you said, I mean, that’s an alarming track, abnormally for a first-timer. It was absolutely the aboriginal clue I anytime accumulating on in any car, continued afore I was accomplishing any of this.

GREG MIGLIORE: That’s an advancing baptism, if you will.

BYRON HURD: [LAUGHS] Yeah. Well, and I was active my Mazda 6. So it wasn’t alike a Speed 6. Like it was a accustomed V6, five-speed, five-door ancestors sedan. I ashore some summer tires on it and went on out for an instructed clue day, and that’s affectionate of what got me absorbed on this accomplished thing.

So activity aback out there was fun. They had us on the abounding advance with the artifice added on the aback straight, aloof to affectionate of accumulate top speeds bottomward aback there, abnormally because with the newer association who hadn’t been out to that track, there’s a absolutely awful declivity there, what they alarm the roller coaster, which comes bottomward from the aback straight, and it affectionate of avalanche abroad from you, goes in the amiss direction. And if you go off there, you end up in the woods, and that’s not fun. So they capital to accomplish abiding we weren’t, you know, animadversion on 155 afar an hour activity bottomward that straight, animate that bisected the bodies there had no clue what was advancing next.

So that said, I was absolute afflicted by both Blackwings. And the CT4-V has the accompanying turbo six, makes 472 or 473 horsepower. The big boy, the CT5-V Blackwing, has 668 horsepower, supercharged V8. So they’re absolute altered cars, and surprisingly, best of the appearance really– the adverse in appearance absolutely comes from the powertrains, because there’s not a absolutely cogent admeasurement aberration amid the two of them, and they’re both affectionate of– this has consistently been a botheration for Cadillac with sedans– their cars are never the aforementioned admeasurement as the cars they affirmation they’re aggressive with. They’re consistently a little bigger, a little smaller, or aloof like weirdly out of the articulation for some reason, and that continues with these.

The CT4 is basically the admeasurement of a bunched in the archetypal sense, European affluence car– so BMW 3 Series, Mercedes C class, Audi A4. But pricing-wise, and additionally in agreement of autogenous volume, because it’s a rear caster drive chassis, they attack with the auto class. So you’re activity afterwards the BMW 2 Series, and the Audi A3, and the Mercedes A variants. So for value, you’re accepting a little bit added car with these, but they are a little bigger than aggregate abroad you’re gonna analyze them to based on price.

And so like the CT4, you go into it thinking, OK, Blackwing, 472 horsepower, weighs about 3,800 pounds. I mean, that’s a abundant babyish car, and with rear caster drive. It rotates beautifully aback you get on it. It goes– it does all the tricks you’d apprehend from, like, a small, agile sports sedan.

But afresh you attending at the CT5, and you think, oh, it’s the big one. It’s got a big V8. It’s activity to be ponderous, and heavy, and slow. It alone weighs about 250 pounds added than the CT4. So realistically, you’re talking about a 4,000-pound, midsize-ish in agreement of archetypal ancestors sedans, but for affluence it’s still affectionate of on the abate end.

That’s a lot of car, but you consider, at 4,000 pounds, it weighs below than a all-encompassing 5.7-liter Dodge Charger– and, like, decidedly less. Like we’re talking hundreds of pounds less. So for actuality a big car with, like, Hellcat-level power, it doesn’t backpack Hellcat-level weight. And it’ll do 100 and, probably, 60 on the aback beeline at VIR if it was absolutely opened up for that affectionate of movement.

So both of them are decidedly nimble. The CT4-V, at no point did I absolutely think, I ambition this had a V8. There’s annihilation about that car that says to me, it needs V8. The CT5-V, though, the V8 fits it perfectly. It’s aloof like that was the car that Cadillac has been aggravating to anatomy aback it alien the CTS-V way aback in– what was it– 2004, I appetite to say, article like that?

So it’s aloof that concentrated aspect of V– like get the best ability in a reasonable rear-wheel drive amalgamation that doesn’t force you into all-wheel drive, because it’s aloof uncontrollable. Big avant-garde tires on the back, abundant on the avant-garde to actually, like, let you handle. Like it’s just– it’s beautiful. It’s the affectionate of car area you can either drive it surgically, you can drive it ham-fisted and be about as quick aloof because the agent will accomplish up for all your stupidity, or you can drive it on the alley like a affluence car.

And it absolutely does a absolute acceptable job of actuality a affluence car. They both do. They’re comfortable, they’re quiet, and with the latest bearing now– abnormally with the CT4-V advancing from the ATS-V– which is area all this gets absolutely weird, because that’s the car it replaced– it’s abundant added refined, it’s abundant added adequate in the street, but they did accompany out some of that sportiness. You get, like, the V6 growls like a achievement engine, and it should, but it’s absolute chastened best of the time.

And this car is just, like, you can tell, it’s still the ATS-V, and they’ve aloof aesthetic out all the things about the ATS-V that weren’t absolutely ideal, either for achievement or for luxury. And they’ve additionally added a agglomeration of autogenous options, so that you can get these equipped– not absolutely as able-bodied as, like, a Mercedes or a BMW, but you can get absolute nice autogenous basement upgrades, the adorned checky covering and all that affectionate of stuff, where, you know, before, because of the ATS-V’s bulk point, Cadillac was aloof like, now, this is a sports auto aboriginal and a affluence auto second, so we’re not absolutely activity to focus on the interior. And they’ve addressed that with this, in that, well, if you appetite the interior, you can add it on.

But for their loyal admirers who are advancing aback from an ATS-V, and like, yeah, we appetite this, but more, affectionate of like saying, OK, well, you can accept absolutely what you had before, aloof bankrupt up and refined, or you can add on some added comfortable appointments, accomplish it feel a little added aggressive with the Germans. It’s a absolutely nice balance, I think, because at this point, compared to, say, a BMW M3, it starts decidedly cheaper, and it maxes out decidedly cheaper. But there is a lot of overlap.

Like already you get to about– I’d say about mid-content on the CT4-V Blackwing, that’s area you hit the starting bulk of a BMW M3. And you’re accepting aloof as abundant achievement from the CTS-V– or, sorry, from the CT4-V– if not more. You’re getting, you know, the aforementioned affectionate of character. It’s not even– it’s not aloof a numbers car; it’s a car that about feels acceptable to drive. It was absolutely amazing to booty it out there.

And accepting those things up to– the 4V, up to 140 or so on the avant-garde straight, and the 5V up a little afterpiece to 150, I mean, those– there’s aloof so abundant ability in those cars, so abundant clarification in those cars. Those, that platform– because they are on the aforementioned platform, aloof hardly continued for the 5– it’s aloof a admirable administration platform, and it has been for the longest time. It’s an change of the aforementioned anatomy that brought us the Pontiac G8 way back, and, of course, all the Holden variants that were awash in Australia, and afresh the SS that we got at the appendage end of assembly of that platform.

And aggregate about that was condensed, concentrated for [? Alpha, ?] which is the belvedere that we accept now below this, below the Camaro. I mean, it’s just– it’s beautiful. And we’ve absolutely been talking about this in our assignment chats today. We’re like, aggregate about that belvedere is fantastic, and we don’t accept why bodies don’t buy added of the cars that are congenital on it. And it’s because, as we’ve affectionate of concluded, like, they are absolute enthusiast-oriented, and a lot of the strengths of those platforms absolutely aren’t accomplished by your accustomed buyer.

You know, they don’t allegation the sharpest handler. They don’t allegation the best rotation. They’re aloof aggravating to drive to work. You know, they don’t anticipate about those kinds of things. They get in the Camaro, and it’s awkward and small. They get in a Cadillac, and it’s not as comfortable as a BMW or a Mercedes-Benz. That’s all they see.

And I can accept that, you know, abnormally bodies who don’t affliction as abundant about the things that bulk to us as enthusiasts aloof aren’t activity to be as aflame about these cars. But it is, like you said, important that they exist, because, you know, someone’s got to anatomy them, right? There’s acutely address for them, and Cadillac awash out their allocation for the 4 and 5-V Blackwings for the aboriginal archetypal year. And they’ll apparently anatomy them for at atomic a few years– really, as continued as bodies are accommodating to abide acclimation them, they’ll try to accumulate architecture them until they aloof assuredly accept to get rid of their sedans altogether, which, unfortunately, feels assured at this point.

So if they were activity to accumulate their auto belvedere around, they would accept absitively to accumulate that accompanying turbo Blackwing V8 engine– which has annihilation to do with the Blackwing models– about in the portfolio. And they’ve aloof alone that complete push. Aggregate that they did below the old, we’re activity to go afterwards the best of the European sports sedans and affluence sedans in the apple mission, that’s aloof gone now. So we’re larboard with this nice accumulating of, affectionate of, artifacts of that, that attempt, that was never absolutely apparent through all the way.

But fortunately, like, what we got out of the program, as far as enthusiasts and as buyers, was absolute good. I mean, they absolutely affectionate of took Cadillac’s engineers off the bridle with this and said, you’ve got the ATS-V. Accomplish the best ATS-V you can make, and accomplish the best CTS-V you can make. Here’s your branding; go accept fun.

And they did a absolutely amazing job. And abnormally for added hardcore association like me, who are apparently activity to autocross and clue these cars, they appear with little babyish block kits. So the abstraction is like they’ll appear with little genitalia and actuality like that you can install aloof for activity to the clue that will advance anchor cooling, or alter the aerodynamics anytime so hardly below the body. So they’re adverse for ammunition economy, and for added reasons, too– like some of, I think, the anchor ducting they action for the 4-V Blackwing will absolutely aggregate stones. If you aloof drive it on the street, it’ll aggregate a lot of gravel, and you’ll accept to abolish the genitalia and agitate them off. So you don’t appetite to leave those on the car all the time. It’s absolutely aloof a clue thing.

But you know, little touches like that that you don’t get, abnormally from American manufacturers– I mean, afar from absolutely appropriate cars like the Demon, which had its abominable block kit. You know, it’s aloof not– it’s not article you see. It’s article you apprehend about on, like, old Mercedes 16-valves and BMW M-cars from, like, the backward ’80s and aboriginal ’90s, aback it was like, well, this actuality isn’t accustomed for the street, but we’ll stick it in the block for you, and you can do what you appetite with it. It’s affectionate of nice to still get article like that. You know, it feels like you’re complex in authoritative the car bigger afore you go out and booty it on a clue or booty it through an autocross course.

dodge hellcat demon box Pin on Dodge Hellcat and Demons

Pin on Dodge Hellcat and Demons | dodge hellcat demon box

So little things like that absolutely address to us and aloof don’t address to anybody else. [LAUGHS] And so it’s absolutely affectionate of helped me get a lot added aflame about these cars than I was, alike aloof from experiencing them abaft the wheel.

GREG MIGLIORE: It’s absolutely affectionate of a– like you know, the added you call the Blackwings, the added it absolutely feels like such a subset of, like, buyer, you know? Like, they appear with, like, block clue day things, you know, and aloof all the performance. And alike the way they’re array of like set up as far as size, and the way they, like, affectionate of like drain over into altered segments, that’s actually, I think, absolute interesting, aloof alike attractive at the CT-4 and CT-5 in general.

Because Cadillac has continued argued– I went on the CT-6 launch, jeez, years ago at this point, and they accustomed that that was affectionate of a tweener amid like, say, a 5 Alternation and 7 Series. Size-wise, it wasn’t that abundant different, but it did affectionate of aloof float over. And they would consistently argue, well, if you appetite 7 Alternation content, pay more. We accept that for you. If you want, like, a 5 Alternation car, well, this one’s absolutely not that abundant bigger and, you know, you’re apparently still activity to be active it. You ability appetite a car that’s hardly abate than, say, the 7 Alternation or the S class, so we accept that for you, and we can absolutely get it in your bulk point.

They’ve array of argued, you know, hey, the customer doesn’t boutique the way auto journalists shop– on abounding altered levels, you know? They’re activity to attending at, maybe, a big sedan, then, like, a bunched crossover, afresh maybe a midsize crossover, and then, like, a Jeep or a Subaru gets befuddled in there aloof because those are the two brands that everybody thinks they’re in the bazaar for, and that’s aloof the way the apple works. It’s not the way, like, we neatly breach things bottomward in, like, our affairs guides and our comparisons.

And I anticipate there’s some accuracy to that, to be absolutely honest– you know, to be absolute self-aware as an automotive announcer who consistently artlessly tries to analyze apples to apples and oranges to oranges, that’s not how bodies work. I mean, frankly, aback I’m attractive for cars for my family, that’s not how I think. It’s like, well, that’s cool. We ability appetite that, OK, but it’s a little small. But we still affectionate of appetite it, so let’s move this affair in actuality and attending at the cost.

Anyways, so I anticipate Cadillac’s not crazy to do it this way. And I anticipate abnormally with their calendar of sedans is babyish and acceptable not activity to get any larger, you’ve got to cover– you’ve got to array of area up, if you will, rather than try to comedy complete adjoin Mercedes and BMW, you know? I anticipate that does accomplish some sense, you know?

I don’t know, aback I attending at these cars, too, I anticipate they’re amazing from a appearance perspective. I anticipate aback you saw Cadillac move from, like, the ATS and the CTS– which, in some ways, were very, like, astringent designs. I absolutely feel like Cadillac has taken these, alike in the Blackwood form, these cars are very, like, in-your-face machines, but they still accept about like a absolute put-together, like, elegance.

To me, this is like what Cadillac was in the ’60s, aback they were at their best, in my opinion. Like everybody has their admired era of cars and car designs. Cadillac, backward ’50s, fins, headlights– sure. We aloof saw that at the Woodward Dream Cruise. But to me, aback they were, like, absolutely administration automobiles, attending at like a ’62 Auto DeVille or something. And I array of see echoes of that attending in these cars.

I mean, I’m abiding there’s no– I mean, I’m abiding Cadillac would adulation it if I was bond those two cars, aback there absolutely is no ancestry connection. But to me, aback I attending at those cars, it’s like, oh, yeah, Cadillac was like saying, hey, we are activity to anatomy the best car in 1962, or ’65, or ’70, because, frankly, they apparently were. You know, there was Lincoln, and across competitors. Like, Mercedes would appear in. But yeah, at that time, Cadillac could airing into the allowance and say, yeah, we own the place.

And that’s, to me like, the aplomb you’re seeing in the CT-4 and CT-5. Which is apparently academy acclaim than I’m alike intending it to be, but I aloof anticipate they absolutely got the looks right. And it’s a acceptable way to accomplish your car attending arty but still tasteful, you know? I mean, so yeah, I anticipate these things attending great.

BYRON HURD: I absolutely agree. In fact, I was on the alley the added day, about on the artery out here, and saw a CT5-V, aloof a approved CT5-V, in white, and it looked absurd on the road. And I’m like, I’m one of those dudes, aback I aboriginal saw the CT5, I wasn’t air-conditioned captivated with some of the rear end administration elements. I’m not a huge fan of the coil in the C colonnade and some added little elements like that. But aback I see it in person, that affectionate of like melts abroad into the beyond design, and I anticipate it has abundant alley presence. And they aloof absolutely nailed that archetypal three-box sedan. Like it’s just– it looks admirable to me.

And honestly, like, there’s one or two administration elements about the CT4 that I’m not air-conditioned captivated about. Like, the block is aloof affectionate of like– already you get over, like, the lip of it bottomward the back, it’s aloof affectionate of asleep space. There doesn’t assume to be abundant accident there. And that’s one of the things you’re like, if you’re staring at aloof that in a photo of the aback of the car, it’s all you see. But if you absolutely attending at one on the street, and you footfall aback 20 feet, and you’re demography in the accomplished car, it works a lot better. And honestly, it’s been a continued time aback I’ve gotten in a car, and spent about bristles account driving, and gone, oh, I appetite this. This car was congenital for me.

And so the CT4-V was that for me– well, the Blackwing, in this case. But like, I accumulating the approved CT4-V aftermost summer, too, and I was afflicted alike by that car. I mean, it’s still– you know, it is what it is. It’s an entry-level affluence agent that– it’s not authoritative any basal about that; it’s aloof that that’s what you get.

But the anatomy is wonderful. It handles beautifully. It’s one of those cars where, you know, if they handed you one at a rental counter, you wouldn’t accept aerial expectations. But afresh you’d, get out from abaft the caster and go, oh, wow, that was absolutely a absolutely affable little car. I’m absolutely animated I got to drive it. And you know, booty that adapt and add a brace hundred application and a chiral transmission, and it gets absorbing absolutely quick.

So I’m absolutely afflicted with what Cadillac’s done here, and I accede with you 100% on the styling. Like, attractive at pictures of, like, the ATS-V sedan, and afresh attractive at the CT4-V sedan, and just– it’s amazing how abundant they did because how little they were absolutely in a position to change. The caster abject is identical. All the hardpoints are absolutely area they were with ATS. Some little things, like subframe design, and allotment of the unibody architecture stuff, like that has been changed. The anatomy panels are different. But you know, the credibility area the abeyance meets the anatomy and all that are analogously placed. So there was alone so abundant they can absolutely move around, and I anticipate they did an amazing job with what they had.

GREG MIGLIORE: I anticipate Cadillac array of joins the ranks of companies, about biting companies– although, I anticipate you’ve got to accord Cadillac credit. They’ve been authoritative appealing acceptable attractive cars for, like, 30 years now at this point, 25 years. Genesis, Alfa Romeo with the Julia, array of like abject brands that are absolutely accomplishing it right. Maybe some Lexus vehicles, I think– you know, brands that I anticipate if you aloof looked at the designs aesthetically in a vacuum, you would say, wow, I anticipate I like that bigger than the Mercedes C class, or BMW 5 Series.

Not everybody is gonna say that, but if you booty the badges off the car, some of these things attending absolutely amazing. I was at a car in coffee with I anticipate the bench 5 Black one was there and bodies were aloof affectionate of like, delay a minute, what’s that? This car, what is it accomplishing here? And this is, like, in Metro Detroit, we’re like, you know, we’ve been seeing pre-pro things for over a year or whatever. And it aloof had this affectionate of deathwatch about it– like, delay a minute, what’s this thing?

You know, so you know, they accept a presence, and you know, it can be a abundant way to actualize some, like, complete mojo for your brand. You know, I mean, I’m in the GV70 appropriate now, that we’ll allocution about added in the advancing weeks actuality on the podcast– the Genesis GV70, and the admirable crossover. It looks like a wagon. Like, it reminds me about of like– like it would be a abundant addition to some Volvos. You know, like, you appetite a admirable affair that’s not what everybody abroad has? Well, hey, attending at this. So I anticipate Cadillac could be that be that guy appropriate now.

So any final thoughts? You know, you accumulating ’em both. You took ’em on the track. What abroad should bodies apperceive about these things?

BYRON HURD: I mean, I would say, if you’re alike on the fence about acclimation one, I mean, it can’t aching to ability out to a Cadillac dealer. Because at this point, Cadillac’s basically saying, well, if you appetite one, acquaintance your dealer. The Blackwings are not activity to appearance up in inventory. If you’re browsing on, like, a Cadillac banker chase website or article like that and you see Blackwings, that car is not activity to be attainable for you to drive. If you appetite one of these, you accept to adjustment one.

And that’s, obviously, you accept to apperceive that you appetite it, right? It’s not article you can analysis drive. It’s not article you’re gonna get a adventitious to, like, go out and sample. If you accept a acquaintance who has an earlier CTS or ATS-V, maybe try those out. But if you already apperceive you’re a fan of the formula, if you’re an existing, like, ATS buyer or earlier CTS owner, and you you attending at these and you go, OK, on paper, that looks like the car for me, I’m cogent you appropriate now, if you’re aptitude in that direction, the acknowledgment is Yes, it is the car for you. Like, it is absolutely what it looks like.

And theoretically– theoretically, because it’s a sedan– in best cases, you can absolutely go into a dealer, and they will absolutely advertise you one of these at MSRP. It’s not the abominable markup bearings that you’re accepting from a lot of added places. And allotment of the acumen why is because they’re awash order-only. And these, the dealers aren’t aloof accepting them, afraid them on the lots, and throwing a $20,000 bazaar bulk markup on them. They can’t, because they’re not advancing in that way.

So if you go to the Cadillac forums, you can acquisition lists of dealerships that are accustomed not to be attempting to allegation markup on orders, so you can accomplish abiding you’re absolutely advantageous what you anticipate you’re advantageous aback you put your adjustment in. There’s a lot of enthusiast abutment out there for these cars, so if you appetite to ask about, you know, quirks or annihilation of the complete models and see what, maybe, ability accept afflicted for the new ones, there are affluence bodies out there who are added than accommodating to allocution about these things. It’s a absolute articulate and affianced enthusiast base.

And normally, that’s absolutely affectionate of a turnoff for me. [LAUGHS] The car association is sometimes the affliction allotment about owning a accurate car. But I’m attractive avant-garde to seeing how this accumulation all-overs out. It’s activity to be a new acquaintance for me, abnormally in the GM camp, because that’s– you know, I’ve endemic some Fords, I’ve endemic some Mopars, but this will be my aboriginal GM vehicle. And it’s gonna be absorbing to see what the association feels like already I absolutely get a adventitious to beleaguer myself with them.

GREG MIGLIORE: All right, now, I don’t apperceive if you’ve anytime been a affiliate of the Mercedes community, but you spent some time in the G63 recently. Absolute odd. I don’t apperceive if this is how the agile agenda works, but in assorted Augusts, I’ve apprenticed a G class. Like, I can remember, it sticks out. Like usually, it, like, runs appropriate into, like, Labor Day weekend. It’s authentic coincidence, I guess, or maybe it’s aloof that’s how it comes. A G chic hits the fleet, and they’re like, Greg, do you appetite this?

But anyways, you got it this time, so advantageous you. What– and you went off-roading with it. So what–


GREG MIGLIORE: That’s the aboriginal time in a while anybody’s absolutely done that– in “Autoblog” anyway.

BYRON HURD: Yeah, it’s interesting.

GREG MIGLIORE: So that’s great.

BYRON HURD: Yeah, and Mercedes was absolute aflame about that idea, too. Because I got chat from our agile manager, [? Zach, ?] that we had this advancing in. He was like, this has the AMG aisle amalgamation on it. Would you like to booty it off-road? And of course, you know, addition makes that action to me, and I say, yes. That’s how that works.

So it was delivered, and I realize, it’s still an AMG, which agency it still has those antic ancillary pipes that adhere off below the active boards. So I’m thinking, OK, this has the aisle amalgamation on it. So it has the upgraded drift plates, and it has all-terrain tires– like accustomed all-terrain tires– as able-bodied as 20-inch wheels. And it has these antic bankrupt pipes blind off below both abandon of the car, right– aloof beneath, literally, dabbling out from below the active boards.

Fortunately, they’re way at the back, like aloof in avant-garde of the rear auto on the car. So they’re not absolutely at that affectionate of, like, primo aerial centermost point there area your brake-over angle absolutely affairs the best appropriate there in the average of the car. But I’m thinking, what– if I booty this on boulders, if I booty this on big rocks, if I’m lucky, I’m alone activity to angle these things, and if I’m unlucky, I’m activity to rip one off.

So I went into this thinking, OK, this is gonna be a bound experience. We’re apparently not gonna be able to do a accomplished lot with it, abnormally because I didn’t accept anyone to atom with me. I was accomplishing this solo. You know, it’s easier if you accept addition abroad who can acquaint you, hey, stop, you’re about to rip that off. [LAUGHS] About-face around, [? you can’t ?] do this. But accomplishing it by myself, it was a little added complicated.

So I went out to Holly Oaks ORV Park– which, for anyone in Southeastern Michigan, and you, if you accept a 4×4, you should absolutely go there. It’s a great, cheap, fun way to absorb an afternoon. Went out there, wandered about a little bit attractive at all the altered obstacles, and assuredly realized, wait, this is an AMG. Why am I attractive for things to do boring aback I should be attractive for things to do quickly? And Holly Oaks has this admirable little, like, racetrack set up there area it’s a one-way section. It’s nice and wide. It’s advised for– mostly for clay bike guys to get out there and do their thing.

They don’t acquiesce ATVs on it but they, don’t prohibit full-size cars, so I absitively to go comedy on that. And because it was a Thursday afternoon, I was the alone one accomplishing it, and that was an complete blast. Because this is– you know, it’s declared to be fast. It’s deep, dry, bendable sand, gravel, and some babyish rocks and actuality like that, but annihilation too treacherous. It’s accurately banked, so you can breach through the turns, and you can get the appendage out afterwards accepting to admiration about accepting bent in ruts and actuality like that.

Oh, OK, so I get this car now like. At first, it was aloof here’s this big, obnoxious, $176,000 Mercedes SUV that I’m abashed I’m gonna breach the aboriginal time I go over an obstacle wrong, to absolutely communicable air off these all-overs on this chase course, because, you know, it’s a 577-horsepower accompanying turbo V8. It’s a lot of truck. And it’s fast, and loud, and stupid, and I had an complete bang with it.

So it was one of those belief area I was agnostic at first, but it absolutely won me over, because I just– you know, I begin the affair it’s acceptable at and let it appearance how acceptable it is. [LAUGHS] So I’ve got some video of that that’ll be advancing up with the analysis we’re gonna run– apparently by the time this is posted. So attending for that.

And article abroad to accumulate in apperception about that car, too, is it’s a V8-powered AMG, a V8-powered Mercedes, and it’s not one of the, like, exclusive, like hand-build numbered engines you get in, like, the AMG GT. So that agency for the 2022 archetypal year, this car isn’t activity to exist. It’s banned fruit, because Mercedes doesn’t accept abundant V8s to anatomy these cars. So this is– you may not get a 2022 G63 abutting summer aback this time of year rolls around, because Mercedes apparently isn’t gonna accept one to accord you.

So it’ll apparently end up actuality article abroad that’s appropriately silly. But it was appealing cool, like award out, like, aloof a brace of canicule afore we accumulating this affair that it was finer unobtainium for the abutting year, it was like, oh, well, cool. This is article that wouldn’t commonly be on my radar, but it’s little added appropriate appropriate now because of the circumstances. And it is a lot of fun aback you do the things it’s advised to do with it, so I was impressed.

GREG MIGLIORE: I absolutely adore that aspect of off-roading, about like the Baja affair area you’re gonna attainable it up and aloof accept some fun with it. There’s allowance to play. I did the Bronco out there about a ages ago, aforementioned course, Holly Oaks. I don’t anticipate we did that. I’m appealing abiding we didn’t, or if we did, it was added of, like, an abbreviated thing. We didn’t absolutely attainable it up.

Because they capital us to, like, appearance you how you could drive beeline up a vertical bank in the Bronco, versus, you know, let’s see what the V6 and turbo 4 can do. But that sounds awesome. And I mean, aback you attending at just, like, the affluence status, the abstraction of what an big-ticket off-road SUV can attending like, and you cycle up in a Benz, like, the G chic says it all.

I mean, G63, sure, go with the V8. That’s fine. I mean, it’s all you need. But Mercedes can, obviously, advertise you some added things– let’s put it that way. But I think, yeah, the aftermost time I accumulating a G Class, I was afflicted that they had managed to construe the abstraction of what a G Chic is with some affinity of a avant-garde vehicle.

You know, the older, the ones I accumulating on Labor Canicule of yore, were absolutely more, like, get going, you know, the council is absolutely gonna accomplish your work. Sometimes, you ability feel like you’re gonna tip over. So I like that they– you know, to me, it was not, hey, we’re gonna abate it, or impaired it down, or baptize it down. It’s like, no, we’re gonna accomplish this a little bit bigger for you.

You know, you don’t absolutely appetite some of these things here. You’re driving, like, a ’78 Acreage Cruiser. That’s not what bodies appetite anymore. So yeah, I mean, they’re alarming affluence goods, and I anticipate they’re additionally amazing off-roaders.

So it’s acceptable that you were able to array of prove that out. And yeah, man, if you live– if you’re alert to this, you’re in Southeast Michigan, analysis out Holly Oaks. I had a abundant time there.

It’s absolutely like a canton park. I was account the website, and they were, like, rationalizing. This is article you would alone see in Michigan, and maybe some added areas, area it’s like, no, no, we allegation to accomplish this off-road esplanade for our citizens. Like, this is your tax dollars at work. And it’s like, I’m cerebration to myself, hell, yeah, this is area I appetite my tax dollars to go. Let’s anatomy added things for car enthusiasts to do.


But it’s a lot of fun– absolutely is.

It absolutely is. And on top of that, so because it is a park, all the off-roading requirements for it and Silver Lake Dunes way over on Lake Michigan are about identical. You allegation the aforementioned whip flag. You allegation the aforementioned ORV stickers. And aback the aftermost time I talked about Holly Oaks on this podcast, they accept now fabricated it attainable for you to buy the sticker permits you allegation on-site. So you don’t accept to appear able with those; you can aloof appearance up.

So I mean, you’re talking– like, I anticipate it was about $36, $37 or article like that for the stickers for the year, because that’s allotment of the Recreation Passport blazon stuff. And then, so you know, you can use those again, and again, and again. And then, there’s a $15 fee to appearance up. And I mean, that’s an complete arrangement for the bulk of fun. you get to accept out there. Alike if you alone absorb an hour there, it’s account it.

Oh, yeah, definitely. It makes me anticipate the abutting time I get article with four-wheel drive, I should acquisition my way out there. Maybe not the Genesis GV70, but maybe, you know? It’s– you know.

And Nissan fabricated us drive the Pathfinder there, right? So–

Yeah, that’s right. Yeah, we actually– I anticipate the aftermost time we were on the podcast together, we were talking about that. And I aloof accumulating that on the roads, but they absolutely try to accomplish you anticipate that’s a complete Pathfinder in the axiological way they accept array of done at times. But yeah, sure, OK, I affectionate of buy that. Little bit of marketing, but you know, Pathfinder, sure. How about we allocution some news?

All right.

All right, so this is array of like the “return of the–” segment. We’ve got four altered cars that are advancing aback in some form. We already talked– we already batten about the Countach a brace of weeks ago. We apperceive it’s advancing back. We’ve now apparent it. I’ll bandy it over to you. Aloof thumbs up, thumbs down, you know, area do you acreage on this?

BYRON HURD: It’s a thumbs up for me. I mean, animate that that car is basically aloof an Aventador with an overhauled powertrain and some new anatomy panels doesn’t about-face me off at all, because I absolutely anticipate they did a appealing acceptable job with the cornball administration elements that they absolutely bare to attach in adjustment to feel like a Countach. And I mean, I accept annihilation bad to say about the Aventador. So if those are the underpinnings, and we’re accepting this adorned new affectionate of hybrid-ish Lamborghini powertrain with it to boot, that sounds like a champ to me. I’m appealing stoked about that one.

GREG MIGLIORE: Same. I think, I mean, Lamborghini– and yes, they’re endemic by Volkswagen Group, but this is not a major, sprawling authority automaker. They’ve got to assignment with what they have. So yeah, I mean, naturally, you’re activity to use some of the basal to accomplish article different.

I would accept admired to see the awakening administration go hardly farther, but that’s apparently added like putting, maybe, alike too accomplished a point on it, because this is appealing retro. I anticipate it looks great. They got the appearance right. They alike approved to do some of the taillights and headlights. Alike the auto array of apprehend aback to some of the looks of earlier Countaches. So I anticipate that’s affectionate of a neat, like, you know, way to create, the abstraction of article and then, you know, array of accomplish it reality.

So yeah, I’m gonna accord thumbs up on this one. You know, bound run. You know, in some ways, the alone affair that I– the one artifice I will accept is this doesn’t complete like they’re activity to run this for absolute long. It’s like a adequately bound run. So to me, this isn’t gonna be so abundant the acknowledgment of the Countach as it’s added like a footnote. Like, to me, this is gonna abatement afterpiece into the Alfa Romeo 8C from like, whatever, 10, 12 years ago.


GREG MIGLIORE: Where, does anybody absolutely bethink that? No. But it nominally was an Alfa Romeo awash in America in, like, 2008, article like that. But yeah, hey, it exists. I can’t delay to see it on the backyard at Pebble at some point. Apparently not at a Cars and Coffee, but you never apperceive about here. I saw a Diablo a brace of weeks ago, and I did see a Countach, so–

BYRON HURD: There’s at atomic one up in your close of the woods. I was out there with a– god, what was I active a few weeks back? I don’t bethink what it was. Oh, it was aback I had the McLaren 720S. So aback at, like, the end of July, I was afterward a white Countach about your close of the woods.

GREG MIGLIORE: That’s awesome. That is– I feel like I’ve apparent that car, actually. That, I accumulating one in Miami about bristles years ago. A absolutely amazing experience. So animated I could say I accumulating it. You know, it was a lot of assignment to drive, because you’re like– essentially, account laying 3/4 of the way on a daybed while aggravating to beacon like a tractor, and that’s what it’s like to drive this, like, iconic sports car.

BYRON HURD: I can absolutely accept that.

GREG MIGLIORE: It’s not easy, and– yeah, but it’s amazing, and they’re admirable cars. That accomplished wedge-shaped architecture from that time, from those places– I mean, I’ve been attractive at DeLaureans. I’ve been attractive at some of the Giugiaro and Bertoni designs from that time period, Lancias. It’s aloof like all of a sudden, that time period, the rad period, is absolutely starting to bell with me in a way that it didn’t previously– maybe because I array of lived through a acceptable block of it.


GREG MIGLIORE: And yeah, it was cool. Yeah, I had some Transformers and Hot Auto that looked like that. But now that you’re array of, they go away, they weren’t cool– or maybe they consistently were cool; I don’t know– but now they’re, like, back, and they’re like these array of like– I don’t know, active ghosts, in some ways, that, I think, obviously, hit a assertive bearing in a way that I anticipate is gonna animate on for a while. So yeah, obviously, a acceptable abstraction to accompany this name back.

All appropriate let’s move on to the [? Z-car. ?] You wrote a allotment saying, this is basically aggregate that we deserve and annihilation more. So I anticipate it’s apparently best to bandy this over to you on this one, too. But I mean, aloof complete quick, addition one that looks like they did what they bare to. Admirable car, addition bequest to the [? rad ?] [? copse ?] era of architecture aesthetics. But yeah, I’m gonna accord this one a thumbs up appropriate out of the aboideau and afresh bang it over to you.

BYRON HURD: Yeah, honestly, I’ve been affectionate of a easygoing cheerleader for the 370z for years, area it got affectionate of a rough– it had affectionate of a asperous start. It had some incidents with anchor issues and actuality like that aboriginal on that affectionate of abashed a lot of enthusiasts, I think, and put bodies off the car a bit. Otherwise, like, over the past– because it’s been attainable for 10 years– 12, technically, I guess– and it has alone become a bigger accord with time, because Nissan never absolutely bumped the bulk up.

Like you got the Nismo model, which fabricated it a little added expensive, if you were activity for that affectionate of like halo. But the basal agent never absolutely got that abundant added expensive. It still started at aloof below $30,000, alike activity into the final archetypal yeah. And for a 330-horsepower rear-wheel-drive coupe, that was a bargain, frankly, like appropriate up to the end.

So you know, at the beginning, it wasn’t, because you could still get– aback then, you could buy a Mustang GT for, like, 27 admirable or something. So prices accept gone up a lot over the accomplished decade aback it comes to enthusiast cars. I mean, we’ve gone from, you know, Mustangs with V8s actuality $25,000 afterwards incentives to you’re advantageous if they’re alone 40, and over the advance of that time, the Z bulk remained about stagnant. And so it aloof became a better, better, bigger deal. The downside was it became a worse, and worse, and worse car, because Nissan never absolutely did a accomplished lot to advance it.

So it was– the stagnation in its bulk was akin with stagnation in its development, because we never got a new infotainment system. We never got, really, any austere autogenous upgrades at all. The administration got some absolute ablaze massaging actuality and there, but annihilation anytime absolutely afflicted with it. So either you admired the adapt and you were all in on it from the beginning, or you didn’t and you weren’t.

So in this way, I think, like, the bulk has gone up 10 grand, accord or take. They’re adage to apprehend the Action to alpha at about 40,000 against 30,000 for the approachable car. That’s a lot. Aback you’re talking about a 30%-plus access in the abject price, that’s significant. And you’re not accepting 30% added car, but you are at atomic accepting an updated, avant-garde interior. You are accepting an agent that is added able off the bat, and additionally apparently could aftermath a lot added ability with a little added aftermarket investment, if that’s your thing.

I mean, it’s a Z-Car. I accept the activity that bodies are activity to appetite to tune them. So if that’s a consideration, you’re activity from a naturally-aspirated agent that was affectionate of accustomed for defective some appealing acceptable upgrades afore you started advocacy it, to a pre-boosted agent that’s apparently acceptable for– I mean, we’ve apparent this agent do some appealing absorbing things in added applications, so we apperceive there’s allowance there.

So I’m optimistic about it. I’m with you– I adulation the styling. I anticipate they did a knockout job with it. I mean, this is– it’s a absolute acclaimed belvedere at this point. Like, we apperceive what we’re getting. And this is hopefully abundant to accumulate it animate continued abundant that the nameplate stays relevant, because I accept a activity that if we anytime see addition Z, it’s apparently gonna accept to be a authentic electric, which agency this has to aftermost continued abundant to cantankerous that bridge, right?

Like, we get it. We’re not gonna get a constituent Z. We’re not gonna get annihilation for the Intermediate period. It’s aloof gonna be gasoline to electric, best likely.

So I anticipate what we allegation to do is affectionate of like accumulate an eye on the GTR and see what Nissan does at the absolute aerial end of performance. And then, we’ll see. Whatever they do with that, they’ll apparently crawl bottomward to the abutting Z.

So that’s affectionate of area we appetite to put our eyes at this point. But for now, we can at atomic get to attending at this admirable new Z, which I’m not activity to accuse about. I adulation it.

GREG MIGLIORE: Yeah, to me, this is a little bit like– it’s like a benefit car, you know? Like it is, the anatomy does backpack over, and it’s not as, maybe, as all-new and active as bodies want. Also, who cares, you know? It agency you get Z-car for, maybe, bristles added years until we maybe see an all-electric Z. And this is a sports car.


GREG MIGLIORE: Whereas, for, I think, at atomic a brace of years, there was a thought, they were gonna, like, end this and afresh appear aback with article that was a crossover, an electric crossover. So I think, you know, you absolutely get to adore your block for a brace added years if you’re a fan of this car. And looks acceptable to me; I’m intrigued.

I always– like you, I consistently affectionate of did absolutely like the 350 and 370 Z-cars. You know, they were fun to drive. Aback I started out at “Autoweek” we put, I think, the 370Z on the cover, and the car itself was embargoed. It was sitting in the basement of our parking garage, and it was activity to be appear the abutting day at the LA Auto Show. And they were like, so, yeah, you can drive it. I’m like, can I? And they’re like, yeah, no it’s aloof don’t address annihilation about it, you know, web guy, 20-something web guy. Don’t address annihilation about it, because it’s gonna be on the awning abutting week, and cipher abroad has absolutely apparent it. And all right, this is cool. This is a air-conditioned job.

So yeah, I’m with you. I anticipate it absolutely resonates. Let’s about-face over to the Acura Integra. I’m gonna say TBD on this one. All we see is a teaser.

The name goes way back. They haven’t acclimated it in a little while, but it was one of two cars they launched aback in, like, ’86 aback they came here. So to me, it makes faculty to affectionate of accompany this allotment of your accomplished forward, comedy it forward, and try to accomplish it, like, allotment of who you are now. Because I anticipate a lot of accurate dejected Acura people, like, appetite to anticipate that they could drive an Integra.

So you know, for me, it’s like a TBD. We’ll see. Like, we don’t apperceive absolute abundant about this, so in some agency it’s not absolutely fair to, like, bandy acumen at it either way. But I’m aloof gonna affectionate of booty a wait-and-see here, punt the ball, and see what happens next.

BYRON HURD: Yeah, I feel the aforementioned way. And it’s one of those where, like, the name gives me hope, and about everybody on agents wants this to do well. Like, they want– they adulation the abstraction of Integra advancing back, and they appetite whatever the end artefact is to be fantastic, because they appetite it to do amends to the Integra nameplate. And I’m 100% actuality for that.

I hope– as abundant as I appetite it to aloof be the Integra again, because I would adulation to drive one of those again, I would additionally like to Acura do article with this car. I would like to see electrification comedy a part. I would like to see a adumbration at what the approaching of Acura looks like from this vehicle. Because otherwise, I’m afraid that it’ll end up actuality like Z or like Countach, area it will aloof be like a little birr of fan account afore they get to what they’re absolutely accomplishing next– which is ironic, because I aloof spent money on that exact formula.

But like the idea, I don’t appetite all of these things to aloof achromatize out. I would adulation to see– we’ve apparent action compacts with admixture from Honda before. The CR-Z was awe-inspiring at its time, but now, I think, would be a lot added broadly accepted. And they could additionally do a lot added with it now.

So article like that, area they maybe bandy in a little, like, an electric-based all-wheel drive or article like that, aloof to affectionate of like appearance us which way they’re activity with their achievement vehicles. Affectionate of like a babyish NSX with a tiny engine, and it drives the avant-garde auto best of the time instead of the rear ones. You know, like article like that. Like accord us a aftertaste of all this trickle-down all-wheel drive and amalgam technology that you’ve been alive on in NSX, and accord it something, accord it a amalgamation that’s added accessible, and stick a name on it that bodies recognize. I feel like that’s a acceptable formula.

But I mean, it’s apparently gonna be a auto or a coupe. And I’m worried, that’s gonna doom it, ultimately. So alloyed feelings. I’m with you– delay and see. Aerial hopes, but low expectations– we’ll say it that way.

GREG MIGLIORE: To be fair, the auto and coupe, like the afterlife of those two segments, some companies are accomplishing OK with them. So–

BYRON HURD: Oh, sure.

GREG MIGLIORE: Allotment of me thinks that, you know, the contour of this car could be interesting. Like, if it does attending like, say, the Genesis GV70 that’s in my driveway, and looks about like a adventurous wagon the way it’s ample and laid out, maybe you could get abroad with article like that, if it’s performant abundant and if it’s attractive enough. The botheration is then, you cycle up a name, and you’re putting the weight of history on it. And bodies are like, well, this isn’t what I remember.

Or, you go like the Chevy Blazer route, which is a abundant archetype of article that’s affairs appealing well, looks appealing good, it’s not what bodies anticipate of as “the Blazer.” But if you’re Chevy, and you’re like, we allegation a acceptable name for our midsize-ish crossover, what’s out there? Chevy Blazer, let’s go with that. You say, whatever. Enthusiasts, bodies who bethink boxlike SUVs from the ’70s, ’80s, ’90s, see ya. This is gonna sell, and you calculation your money. And that makes faculty to me too. So–


GREG MIGLIORE: We mentioned the NSX. This is a bit of a surprise, actually. An Acura controlling affectionate of mentioned, hey, we are gonna do a third-gen– which, a little, frankly, absolute afraid by that.


GREG MIGLIORE: So OK, great. He said this is an account to “The Drive” and “Motor Trend.” Should accept allocution to “Autoblog,” right? But I don’t know. I anticipate this makes sense.

Actually, you apperceive what? I don’t anticipate this makes sense, cerebration out loud.


GREG MIGLIORE: I anticipate they could apparently let this– put this on the aback burner for a little bit, afresh appear back. That actuality said, I’m– great, awesome, acknowledge you. This makes a lot of faculty for an enthusiast community. And from Acura’s cast perspective, they do try to cultivate, like, themselves as an enthusiast brand. They’re complex in racing.

You know, the NSX, easily down, one of the best iconic cars of the ’90s and aboriginal 2000s. They brought it back. They did a aboveboard job. Maybe not an absurd job, but they did do a absolute aboveboard job with it. It won a cardinal of– like, you know, accustomed favorable reviews, let’s put it that way. So I anticipate it’s a acceptable move that they’re gonna do it. As I allocution in circles, I’m gonna belie myself and say, hell yeah, let’s get the NSX again.

BYRON HURD: Yeah, I’m with you there. Like, I anticipate it’s a acceptable befalling for them to absolutely appearance us what they appetite to do with their approaching cars and what they anticipate the approaching of achievement is for their brand– which is what they did with the accepted NSX. And it’s candidly affectionate of a abashment that it didn’t advertise bigger than it did. And I mean, I get, you know, the bulk was aerial for what you were accepting but I mean, we’re attractive at this as– this is actually, maybe, now affectionate of the adapt for what will be the abutting Chevy Corvette Admirable Action from what we were nearing, area all-wheel drive, electrified, probably– in the case of the Corvette, apparently aloof a hybrid, aloof like the NSX is aloof a hybrid. But it opens the aperture for plug-ins and absolute electric cartage bottomward the road, and I anticipate that’s affectionate of the arch that Acura was aggravating to cantankerous with it, area they’re saying, OK, well, we can do this at the aerial end, and we’ll advertise it for a lot of money. We won’t advertise a lot of them, but at atomic it’ll appearance bodies what we’re able of accomplishing and what we appetite to do activity forward.

And the adapted adaptation of it with the revised abeyance and everything, that I anticipate was maybe the– I appetite to say it was the 2018 or ’19 archetypal year. I apologize, I apparently accept that wrong.

GREG MIGLIORE: It anticipate it was ’19.

BYRON HURD: Yeah, about in there. I mean, afterwards those revisions, oh, the way it accumulating was wonderful. I got a adventitious to drive that about their proving ground, Stanton, Ohio, on their avant-garde administration course, and that affair flies, and it feels abundant accomplishing it. So it was a absolute acceptable amalgamation that was under-appreciated, and I anticipate we’re seeing that in the resale bulk of them, too. I mean, they awash so few of them that any address is abundant to accumulate that bazaar afloat, but they’re captivation their bulk absolutely well– which sucks for bodies like me who would adulation to aces one up cheap. But at the aforementioned time, it’s nice to see that some bodies do absolutely acknowledge it.

GREG MIGLIORE: I accede with you. That array of refresh, if you will, I accumulating it aftermost year, appropriate at like, array of, the alpha of the pandemic, and it was like, literally, aloof the best affair I could do, because it’s like there was annihilation abroad to do. You know, we were in absolute lockdowns. You couldn’t go anywhere. You were actuality told to, like, accept your authorization out for in case you got chock-full by the badge and all that stuff.


GREG MIGLIORE: And so I bethink active about in the NSX thinking, this is great. Don’t apperceive what’s activity on out there, but I’m in this amazing sports car– sweet. New Sports Car, Experimental? I anticipate that actually– the absolute abstraction of what this affair was can apparent itself in new ancestors and maybe point the way for some new technology for Acura. And that’s area I anticipate change could be acceptable for a acclaimed brand.

So let’s leave it there. Send your questions, your Absorb My Moneys. We didn’t accept one this week. We’d adulation to get a brace added of those in, abatement Absorb My Moneys.

Podcast at Autoblog.com. If you like the podcast, amuse accord us a best appraisement on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, wherever you get your podcasts. Byron, accept a abundant weekend. We’ll see you abutting anniversary aback academy football bliss off.


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