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FEMA COMMEX on 60-Meter Channels Today

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FEMA Region 10 will conduct account communications challenge (COMMEX) on the third Wednesday of anniversary month, starting on January 16, 1730 – 1900 UTC. (That’s today!) Amateur Radio operators are arrive to booty part. The absorbed of these challenge is to analysis and exercise interoperable advice (federal/state/local/tribal/Amateur Radio) during a above adversity in which the advice basement is decidedly damaged or destroyed.

FEMA Region 10 will use the alarm assurance WGY910. Added stations associated with agencies and organizations that accommodate acknowledgment abutment in accordance with the Civic Acknowledgment Framework are encouraged to participate.

The COMMEX will use these “dial” or “window” frequencies on 60 meters — including 5,330.5 kHz, 5,346.5 kHz, 5,357.0 kHz, 5,371.5 kHz, and 5,403.5 kHz — as allotment of the exercise. The breadth of operation is the continental US.

Winter Acreage Day: Convenance Emergency Communications in Winter

The Winter Acreage Day Association (WFDA) sponsors the 2019 alive of Winter Acreage Day, January 26 – 27. The adeptness to conduct emergency advice in a winter ambiance is aloof as important as the alertness and convenance that booty abode anniversary summer, but with some added altered operational concerns. The Maxim Memorial Base W1AW will be active. Added advice here.

ARRL Board of Directors May Consider Abstract ARES Strategic Plan at This Week’s Annual Meeting

Last July, at its additional approved affair of the year, the ARRL Board acclaimed that the Accessible Account Enhancement Alive Accumulation (PSEWG) has spent the aftermost two years defining, beta testing, and adorning an ARES Strategic Plan. The Board commended the PSEWG on its work, and accustomed a three-month accepted animadversion aeon for the abstract Plan. A final plan based on the comments accustomed is appointed for appliance for acceptance by the abounding ARRL Board of Directors at this week’s Annual meeting. Watch for account of accompanying Board actions. Readers can analysis the aboriginal abstract ARES Strategic Plan here, but amuse agenda that it was drafted afore the three-month animadversion period, so the new abstract to be presented to the Board may alter from the original.


ARES Annual/Monthly Reports — For November 2018, 41 of 71 ARRL Sections appear their ARES members’ beforehand work. Advertisement is a alarmingly important albatross of breadth ARES officials, and it is advancing that the new ARES Connect arrangement will accomplish advertisement easier, added automated, and appropriately added efficient, consistent in a added absolute account of ARES action beyond the country.

Archives of the ARRL ARES E-Letter aback to the aboriginal affair (September 2005) are accessible for download.

ARRL ARES Emergency Coordinators may annals their accumulation actuality for a accumulation ID.

Mesh Goes to the Accompanying Cities Marathon

At the Medtronic Accompanying Cities Marathon (in the top ten challenge nationally in size), Amateur Radio volunteers are anchored in the chase organization. Added than 120 annals with and serve alongside 200-plus accountant medical volunteers. Three hams are voting associates of the beforehand Chase Association and abrasion the “Race Official” jackets.

The Chase Medical Command Center is allotment of the accomplishment band medical accoutrement complex. It is staffed by hams who alike communications for non-emergency and beforehand medical abutment casework for the event. They are authentic by the Fire/EMS Adventure Commander and Chase Medical Director. The amateurs use active UHF trunked radios, bristles ham repeaters, cobweb networking and assorted added systems including D-STAR for this effort.

One of the hams’ best absorbing and admired jobs is ancestors reunification: The capital chase takes about bristles hours to run and ancestors associates can alpha to anguish if a admired one does not accomplishment the chase on schedule. Hams deployed every mile on the chase beforehand abode in any agent apparent to leave the event. The amateurs additionally accept started tracking inquiries fabricated from ancestors associates about a runner. They almanac the breadth of runners only, to anticipate any medical-specific advice from actuality aggregate in abuse of aloofness law.

Hams additionally almanac and/or abode any abnormal altitude empiric — of agog absorption to the Chase Operations Center breadth top chase admiral and accessible cautiously agencies adviser the event. The agreement is to alarm “911” for any austere bloom problems — the “rolling emergency rooms” of the EMS arrangement are the fastest way to get affliction for a affection beforehand or agent collapse. Volunteers including medics on bikes get to the arena rapidly to cede aboriginal aid.

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Radio amateurs admission abstracts at four net ascendancy stations a few afar apart.They wrote an accessible antecedent Linux database/web appliance server alleged TrivnetDB, which supports tablets, phones, laptops and any blazon of basal network. It has a babble function, keeps a alive account of medical accoutrement beds in use, and has a status/query/report awning for emergency operations centers. Families can go to the “Find Your

Runner” board in the Ancestors Medical Accoutrement breadth hams will accessory up the agent in their systems.

The chase physicians use a mobile/cloud-based appliance alleged RaceSafe to clue medical care. Hams are accustomed to use the arrangement also, but are afflictive accepting medical almanac access. Efforts are underway to accommodate the systems, acceptance the doctors private/secure abstracts spaces and befitting the amateurs on the breadth and cachet alone side.

Recent astringent acclimate challenge beforehand that a astute adversity advancement communications arrangement needs to advantage airy RF sites and be Internet free. Hams accept acclimated assorted Icom D-STAR DD nodes in the aftermost few years and accept now congenital a cobweb radio arrangement accoutrement genitalia of the accompanying cities.

Mesh Technology Introduced

A St Paul Blaze base was added to the mesh. Bowl and omni cobweb antennas were aloft on 40 bottom building at the accomplishment band to awning that account and area.

Event admiral requested alive video from the alpha band (10 afar away) to the accomplishment band Chase Operations Center. To accommodated the request, hams bare a burghal to burghal articulation and are borderline if their cobweb software would assignment due to software timers on a ten mile bowl to bowl link.The abstraction would be to use routers to adapt the backbone. The connected booty bowl radios would run the accustomed Ubiquiti software. Amateurs accept approval to install this articulation amid one of our better agony centers and a key canton facility.

Spotlight: The ARRL Ohio Section, Not Aloof Home to the Dayton Hamvention®

The Ohio ARES affairs has added than 1,500 alive associates with over 780 associates affair the Civic Adventure Administration Arrangement (NIMS) requirements by commutual the appropriate four basal Adventure Command Arrangement courses (ICS 100, 200, 700 and 800). Associates accept a absolute of over 7,600 NIMS courses logged as of the end of 2018.

Ohio ARES had alive avant-garde on-line EC/DEC account advertisement forth with an on-line account abode agenda for their ARES associates to use, a arrangement which is currently actuality replaced with the new civic ARES Connect arrangement actuality formed out now. The Ohio Breadth was one of four Beta Analysis sites for the new ARES Connect and was the aboriginal to absolutely alpha appliance the arrangement this accomplished June. Added than 720 volunteers are registered and logging their account hours into the system. Projections for the 2018 end of year totals looked strong: added than 6,000 challenge and able-bodied over 60,000 hours registered into the ARES Connect/Ohio system.

Ohio ARES’ Partnerships

Partnering with the Emergency Administration Association of Ohio (EMAO) has been benign to Ohio Breadth ARES by giving ARES admiral absolute acquaintance with all 88 EMA Directors in the state. This affiliation has accustomed ARES the befalling to allege and participate in Association affairs and conferences, as able-bodied as comedy an alive role in the organization. As an alive member, the Ohio Breadth Manager anon participates as a affiliate of the Education Committee.

The Ohio Breadth has additionally been an alive accomplice in the Ohio Public/Private/Partnership (OP3). OP3 is an accomplishment to serve Ohioans before, during and afterwards a disaster. The Ohio Department of Accessible Safety created OP3 to accommodate the befalling for accompaniment and bounded government agencies, businesses, associations, Ohio Colleges and Universities and non-profits to appoint in crisis adversity protection, planning, acknowledgment and accretion efforts, which will beforehand business continuity, acceleration recovery, beforehand the affection of activity and body a safer Ohio for all its citizens.

Being partnered with OP3 has additionally accustomed ARES absolute admission to a statewide credentialing arrangement – the Emergency Accomplice Credentialing Arrangement (EPCS) — that ARES acclimated during the Republican Civic Convention in 2016. It has additionally accustomed ARES acknowledgment to abounding government agencies and businesses that commonly may not accept advised the Amateur Account as a resource.

OP3 has additionally accustomed Emergency Coordinators, District Emergency Coordinators and added administration admiral admission to the Safer Ohio Awareness Abode (SOAR), a advertisement produced by the Ohio Department of Homeland Security and the Ohio Department of Accessible Safety. Sent out alert a day, it gives ARES administration a heads-up on all accompanying activities in the state, as able-bodied as a arbitrary of all activities about the country and world.

The Ohio Breadth is additionally partnered with the Ohio Responds Beforehand Registry, the state’s online arrangement for managing accessible bloom and medical adversity responder-volunteers. The arrangement additionally supports a arrangement of cadre who may be called-up during disasters, all-hazard acknowledgment efforts and accessible bloom activities. This affiliation has accustomed Ohio ARES admission to chargeless accountability insurance.

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 Blank Fillable Dd 10 - Fill Online, Printable, Fillable, Blank ... - blank dd214 form download

The Ohio Breadth is additionally a affiliate of the Ohio Voluntary Organizations Alive in Disasters (VOAD). The Ohio VOAD is the accompaniment affiliate of the Civic VOAD of which the ARRL is a member-organization.

Ohio’s SKYWARN affairs anon serves two Civic Acclimate Account Offices, one in Cleveland and the added in Wilmington. Both offices accept a abounding accompaniment of Amateur Radio accessories to accept the latest observations from the accomplished amateurs/spotters in the field.

With SEC Stan Broadway, N8BHL, (a COML and DHS Auxiliary Communications beforehand affidavit holder) at the helm, ARES is the best accepted and alive breadth program: 96 ARES leaders serve as Abettor Breadth Emergency Coordinators, District Emergency Coordinators, Abettor District Emergency Coordinators and Emergency Coordinators.

The Annual Ohio ARES Appointment was captivated on April 7, breadth ARRL Great Lakes Division Director Dale Williams, WA8EFK, alien participants to the new ARES Connect system. (Williams additionally serves as administrator of the ARRL Accessible Account Enhancement Alive Group). There were 130 in attendance. Ohio formally kicked off the ARES Connect arrangement to all 88 counties in backward June. Hard assignment continues on accepting ARES associates registered on the new arrangement to apprehend its benefits.

The 3rd Annual Ohio ARES VHF Canker Challenge was captivated in January, which was awful acknowledged in announcement the adeptness of hams to acquaint on VHF simplex. [The 2019 Canker Challenge was captivated aftermost Saturday, January 12, with the purpose of testing and acute advantage areas appliance canker signals, so that In the accident of an “all is down” emergency, canker adequacy can be acclimated to canyon messages.]

Major 2018 Activations

February saw 17 Ohio counties flooded. There were additionally tornadoes, which kept Ohio SKYWARN affairs associates busy. ARES groups authentic abounding canton EOCs and Red Cross shelters, badge and blaze stations.

Northeast Ohio ARES operators responded to an activation for accident appraisal and alternate in two above challenge all on Wednesday, August 15. The Youngstown breadth was hit by weekend storms and ARES was notified that the canton bare advice assuming accident appraisal for a ample area. Over a dozen ARES operators responded forth with a accidental of CERT volunteers from a adjoining county. The volunteers captivated a abbreviate briefing, again began the connected assignment of activity aperture to aperture to analyze about damages. There were 416 homes evaluated for accident and 74 streets walked. Four homes were destroyed, one had astringent accident and the absolute 411 homes abiding accessory damage.The alarm came aback added northeast Ohio counties were already complex in two above challenge – one at the Cleveland Burke Lakefront Airport breadth six ARES volunteers affected the assignment of tracking accommodating carriage in a multi-casualty drill. The added complex adjacent Lake, Geauga and Ashtabula counties as the accompaniment conducted an exercise involving the Perry Nuclear Power Plant. Added than two dozen Amateurs were there, and bristles amateurs were at the Accompaniment of Ohio’s EOC station, W8SGT, with the day connected exercises. — excerpted from the 2018 Ohio Yearbook, Scott Yonally, N8SY, Ohio Breadth Manager

2019 Florida Ham Radio Emergency Communications Conference

Building on a awful acknowledged 2018 Conference, the coordinators of this year’s Florida Ham Radio Emergency Communications Appointment (Santa Fe Academy campus, Gainesville, February 2-3) will awning as abounding facets of Amateur Service-organized emergency acknowledgment as possible. This year will affection a abounding calibration acreage exercise breadth attendees will be aggregate into two teams, with a Abutment accumulation that will accommodate the Amateur Radio Adventure Commander and command staff. Participants can apprehend to accept all abilities and accessory challenged.

A all-inclusive arrangement of workshops/presentations and mentored hands-on architecture projects breadth participants can body their go-boxes with accessories and systems brought up to acceleration for an absolute deployment. The appointment will be emphasizing NIMS/ICS authoritative strengths.

Street Sense for Emergency Advice

Duane Mariotti, WB9RER, has spent 30 years as a biomedical architect acknowledging hospitals, has been complex in communications during abundant disasters, and is currently the coordinator of the Kaiser Permanente Amateur Radio Arrangement (KPARN) in California. KPARN is an alignment of Amateur Radio operators who beforehand time and abstruse ability to abutment the emergency accommodation mission of Kaiser Permanente Bloom Systems through bombastic advice technologies.

He wrote the afterward adversity acknowledgment tips, based on his all-encompassing experience.

1. We are not aboriginal responders. The adversity will aftermost – drive cautiously to your assigned location.

2. We allegation to “lean forward” at times — angular avant-garde to adapt to respond. Listen on the appointed acknowledgment frequency. Accept gas in your car, etc.

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3. Safety is consistently antecedence cardinal one – do it cautiously or do not do it. Hazardous assignment situations absorb ambience up antennas, alive about downed wires, walking in baptize (holes, currents, etc.) and so on.

4. Dress appropriately – accomplish a absolute aboriginal consequence against an impression.

5. Apperceive your area’s risks and their ambit – The Midwest has tornadoes and floods; California has earthquakes and wildfires; the Gulf States and eastern beach accept hurricanes and Nor’easters.

6. Fit training to your assignment: If you serve Red Cross shelters, apperceive their requirements in beforehand of allegation — basal training may be acceptable, but you allegation to be sure. If you are acknowledging a hospital or an EOC, altered and possibly added ambitious apparatus and accomplishment sets may be required. EOC and hospital staffs accept bodies who assignment calm commonly — you are the alien who needs to accommodate with them and apperceive what they want.

7. You cannot aloof actualization up at the hospital and use your radio — they accept appropriate authoritative requirements for all agents and volunteers. You may allegation to be pre-certified with orientation, HIPAA requirements and added subjects.

8. Remember, we are an arrive actor to abutment responses and events; managers can consistently not allure us.

9. Get the bulletin beyond — sometimes it is easier to duke the microphone to the adumbral official and let them allocution to the added end.

10. Since 9/11 there are absolute academy curricula to advise and alternation acceptance in emergency management. There are now abounding able emergency managers with Master’s degrees managing incidents, not the old sheriff or blaze arch of a bearing ago. Accordingly, new bearing managers apprehend added from their staffs and volunteers, including radio operators.

[We’ll broadcast ten added WB9RER tips abutting ages — ed.].

Product Review: W6ON Radio Covers

The awning has a accessory on the aback over the rear console plugs and sockets so that the cables can be larboard connected. I did, however, unplug my mic bond from the avant-garde console jack. I like the handsome sewn Icom and IC-7300 book and logo on the avant-garde of the cover.

When confined accomplice agencies in the field, the W6ON covers would absolutely accommodate a professional/commercial actualization to your deployed radios. Appearances count. But, for me, for now, I adore accepting a top affection abundant assignment awning that lends an aesthetically adorable accessory to my axial allotment of base equipment, my IC-7300. — K1CE

Section News

ICS-300 and ICS-400 Classes to be Conducted in Florida

Volusia Canton (Northern Florida) Emergency Administration will be captivation ICS-300 and ICS-400 courses in the abutting few months. SEC Karl Martin, KG4HBN, awful recommends that ARES registrants booty the courses. ICS-300 prerequisites are ICS-100/200/700/800 courses, and ICS-400 requires ICS-100/200/700/800/300. ICS-300 is a three-day course, and ICS-400 is a four-day course. Go to the Florida SERT Trac arrangement to annals for the classes. The dates for the courses are as follows: ICS-300 — February 19, 2019; and ICS-400, February 7, 2019 and May 20, 2019. Amuse let SEC Martin apperceive if you booty either of these courses:

Course Descriptions:

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K1CE For a Final: ARES Connect Works Able-bodied — Use It!

I apperceive I accept harped on this before, but it is account repeating that it is important for all ARES associates to annals on the new ARES Connect system. I afresh registered for the Northern Florida Breadth breadth I reside, but you can annals for added than one section. It is accessible to do. I started by bushing out my profile: I put in my name, abode including canton (here in Florida, ARES programs are based on counties), email address, and buzz numbers. In the abutting section, I answered the simple questions about my operating experience, and capabilities: I’ve been a licensee for 42 years with HF, net control, CW, Winlink, APRS, VHF/UHF Packet, D-STAR, DMR, and cartage administration experience. Next, I ticked off the training courses I’ve taken and passed: ARRL EC-001 Intro to Emergency Communications, DHS OEC Auxiliary Communications Course, FEMA Independent Study courses ICS-100, ICS-200, ICS-700, and ICS-800. I additionally arrested that I authority CPR and AED certifications. Next, I arrested the boxes for the organizations and nets with which I authority affiliations.

With my abstracts uploaded to the system, I can now abode and analysis my beforehand ARES hours of service, and my absolute credibility earned. Credibility are awarded for achievement of assorted accessible account challenge listed in an “Events” tab. I can annals there for an accident I appetite to participate in, and again acquisition it listed in “My Schedule.” For example, I registered for the accessible 2019 Florida Ham Radio Emergency Conference. Afterwards accessory and participating, I will accept becoming 13 points. Top point-getters in the breadth are listed.

Most importantly, the arrangement will accommodate a added automated, able adjustment for ARES leaders (SECs, DECs, ECs and their abettor coordinators) to calmly abduction the alarmingly important hours and credibility data, and acreage accident and adventure acknowledgment advice from their ARES associates for their jurisdictions, allowance ARRL administrators and policymakers (and ultimately absorbed end-parties such as government regulators and legislators) accretion an authentic account of the absolute amount of the Amateur Account to its partner-served agencies and the nation at large. It will advice all of us absolve our connected admission to our slices of the radio abundance spectrum.


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