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Every bold developer starts somewhere. Maybe it was a air-conditioned little Twine project. Maybe it was a mod level. Maybe it was cartoon a D&D bore on blueprint paper, or scribbling their own Mario levels on anthology cardboard in class. Maybe it was inventing new “house rules” for Risk or Monopoly.

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Everyone remembers a key moment aback they aboriginal accomplished that they could address their own rules, architectonics their own systems, acquaint their own alternate stories, and actualize their own basal worlds.

Gamasutra accomplished out to several developers to ask about those moments and memories–their own claimed agent story. We were afflicted and aggressive by the array of belief we heard, and we anticipate you will be too.

I played a ton of non-electronic amateur as a child. There was a war bold played with a pencil that was absolute accepted during my 3rd and 4th years at elementary school. You had to advance added players’ forces, affective units such as tanks, aircraft carriers and fighter jets. For the map we acclimated the aback of newspapers to accomplish hundreds of variants, with a beginning one to comedy with my accompany every day.

After war amateur I fabricated addition bold application pencils which was a animosity game. As before, I fabricated a new advance every day to comedy with my friends. The bigger was a animosity bold with 50 levels, but it had complicated rules and appropriate so abundant comedy time that my accompany became conceited and didn’t comedy that one.

It’s a absolute blessed memory, creating my own bold and adventure and accretion on them. That was apparently my starting point as a bold designer.

Usborne’s 1980s bold programming books are now accessible as chargeless PDFs

As a adolescent of the 80s, I was accomplished on game-making by the type-in listings we’d get from magazines and accurately archetype out. And, added accurately the books from Usborne Publishing that would cull us in with the busy illustrations on the awning of dragons and knights and all sorts of magic.

As a teen, I fabricated a alternation of argument amateur that absolute one of my friends’ chase for romance; blue romps as abundant afflicted by the BBC’s Bottom as by the Infocom titles that I loved. Aback I attending aback now, the affection of those amateur was a affectionate of animosity amid the game’s narrator and the advised audience, a affectionate of amusement that came from authoritative my accompany act out their own humiliations. Already I was cerebration about the complicated accord amid the architect and the admirers in an alternate story!

Also, this was a bold I fabricated for my accompany in Qbasic, Social Realism Dizzy. A amusing apology of the accepted but abominable Dizzy amateur 🙂

Full admeasurement angel here

Full Admeasurement angel here

I fabricated an bury for Clue aback I was a abhorrent middle-schooler! I swapped all the murder-rooms for places like McDonald’s and “Nintendo HQ.” The weapons all became anvils, berserk amber and submachine accoutrements (I was activity through a Wolfenstein phase); and the accessible killers were all me and my friends. Abundant fun. I still accept it.

I anticipate it broke into my adulation of demography things from my own activity and afraid them in the amateur I’m alive on, which afterwards embodied itself in my game Cat President, breadth best of the appearance portraits were photos of my friends’ and ancestors members’ actual, real-life cats.

Partial appearance of the world map of Aetolia

As a teen, my mother was (probably justifiably) anxious that I was spending too abundant time with our video bold consoles, and cut me off video amateur entirely. However, what she didn’t apprehend was that she accidentally pushed me into the accessible accoutrements of MUDs, the all-text precursors to avant-garde MMOs. I became absolute bedeviled with the characters, stories, and backroom of these basal worlds, to the point that I ran out of things to do and began volunteering my time to actualize and run worlds of my own.

Several years later, aloof as I was finishing college, I concluded up alive with Iron Realms Entertainment on their bartering MUD Aetolia. In 2005, I accomplished I enjoyed designing new characters and systems added than I actually enjoyed arena games. I already had a full-time job teaching English in Japan and yet I would absorb hundreds of hours creating quests, areas, items, and hosting events. And it seemed I was acceptable at it. Afterwards that realization, it seemed bright that I should try advancing a career in bold design, by any agency necessary, and accept a adventitious of accepting paid for this affair I was accommodating to do for free.

My aboriginal bold was an RPG Maker 2000 bold alleged Toby’s Adventure and I don’t bethink annihilation about it except the affair song was a .wav of me singing and accomplishing trumpet sounds with my mouth.

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The aboriginal game-like acquaintance I can anamnesis is apparently aback I was about 10 years old. I played a lot of Worms and Worms Reinforcements on my PC. My acquaintance and I would comedy together, but instead of aggravating to annihilate anniversary other’s aggregation every round, we’d generally accomplish our own bold by creating bases for our team’s underground. The abstraction was to actualize a defended abject aural a assertive bulk of goes, afore amaranthine airstrikes would abatement bottomward and attack to abort them. Whoever’s aggregation survived the longest, won. We actually adopted to comedy the bold this way, as it was a little beneath aggressive/ competitive.

Around the aforementioned time, I was additionally absolute addicted of the akin editor on Micro Machines Turbo Tournament 2. I aloof begin it a little attached and capital to actualize my own levels from scratch. I bethink cartoon advance on paper, admitting it never amounted to abundant added than that!

In the fourth grade, I was conflicting to LOGO (aka Turtle Graphics) on the Apple II GS. It was a simple programmable cartoon tool. The appointment was to aloof draw some basal shapes, but I actually enjoyed LOGO, so I went abdicate and created a accomplished winter arena with snowmen, mountains, snow flakes, etc. I alike approved to actualize animations by “overdrawing” adapted areas and accepting them “move” aloft the screen. My abecedary was absolute away. Unfortunately, I didn’t actually accept the appliance of what I did and how it accompanying to absolute programming or bold development. It wasn’t until abounding years afterwards aback I did annihilation with computer cartoon again.

Build agent editor

In aerial school, I acclimated the Duke Nukem 3D editor to body a akin map based on my aerial school. I accurately modeled the absolute building. It was a assiduous activity and it took hours and hours. Like abounding kids, I was atrocious to re-imagine academy as a adapted achievability amplitude than the one I was affected into. My aerial academy acquaintance wasn’t that terrible, but it did feel like actuality in bastille at times.

Now I appetite I would accept spent my time accomplishing article added aboriginal and interesting, but at the time, architectonics my own transgressive ability fantasy was a brainy escape. It’s sad added kids don’t accept agnate artistic outlets. I don’t appetite to be brassy about article so terrible, but aback I see account about gun abandon in schools, it doesn’t actually abruptness me.

Kipnis is additional from the left

My parents generally had banquet parties for their friends, whose kids were adolescent than me.  As the eldest, I was put in allegation of absorbing them all.  The amateur I came up with for us to comedy calm usually circuitous a accepted artery bold artisan but with anecdotal twists.  

One such bold I can bethink that was a huge hit was a adumbrate and seek tag combo. The aperture of the bold was accustomed adumbrate and seek rules — one seeker, anybody abroad hid.  The aberration was that the appellant was a hideous, scary, bewitched animal (making glottal and abrupt noises was encouraged) and had the ability to about-face addition who was ambuscade into a appellant by tagging the hiders as they were discovered.  The tagged hider anon abutting the appellant monster aggregation and helped acquisition others. The hiders, in turn, could run to a assurance location, breadth the seekers couldn’t get them (limited based on how abounding hiders were playing, so that not anybody could be in a safe area).  If the seekers were able to acquisition all the hiders aural 3 rounds, the seekers would win.  If there was a annular breadth addition ambuscade couldn’t be begin afterwards 10 minutes, the hiders got to about-face aback a appellant into a hider.  The hiders would win if in anniversary round, there was at atomic 1 actuality who wasn’t begin aural the time limit.

It’s account acquainted that this originally started as a abundant added simple bold and that the aphorism set grew to accommodate the assurance area and its limits, the abstraction that you could be angry into a appellant or aback into a hider, and so on. The funnest allotment was chief with anybody on what would be a fun aphorism to acquaint and aggravating it out. There was lots of active arguing over how connected the seekers had to delay afore starting their search, how connected the circuit were, how bound were the seekers accustomed to move (maybe they were *slow* monsters!), what kinds of admiral the seekers would have, and so on, but it was actually air-conditioned to see that the kids would about consistently appear up with mechanics account that were primarily motivated by the fiction of the alarming seekers, rather than dry acclimation considerations. I actually admired watching them actually get into those monster roles (even aback it angled off the hiders to their attendance — it was a abundant morale-breaking tactic).  

Since I was the oldest, I got to adjudge on which rules became official, but the account came from anybody and the best allotment was activity like the bold fiction came to life, aggregate by everyone, and was no best aloof a ambiguous abstraction in my head.  Kids got so into it that they had absolute able opinions on the administration it should go and alike came up with aback belief for the monster seekers.  We never did get the antithesis appropriate — the aberration in ages fabricated this actually catchy — but because there was a antic aspect to the bold breadth we could pretend to be monsters or try to escape them, we all had fun anyway.

Reading this over, it actually sounds like a crank game. 😀  But agenda that in the USSR, we didn’t accept crank movies, so they were actually not zombies but some array of adventure creatures.

Full angel here

I fabricated my aboriginal complete bold aback I was 13. It was a agenda game, fatigued on notecards with crayons and pencils, with a printed compatible back, all duke laminated together. The bold was alleged Thriblets, and it was a activity ability administration game. I bethink authoritative the bold to affected issues I had with Abracadabra the Gathering. Not all my accompany could allow Abracadabra cards, and aback they could, those of us with added money would usually accept the bigger decks.

I capital to accomplish a game:

So I fabricated Thriblets.

While a lot of the added acceptance didn’t accept why I’d accomplish a agenda game. There was this absurd activity aback I played it with friends. Accepting a alive acquaintance that we could advance as we played. I didn’t apperceive it then, but every time we played, we were bigger playtesting it. I admired the abstraction of creating my own systems. Not authoritative a bold that was “my adaptation of Magic,” but a bold that aching the itches I had from Magic.

Eventually I confused assignment to a paper-figure tabletop activity game: Warhammer 40,000’s rules are alike added circuitous than Magic, and the bold has an alike academy budgetary barrier to entry. Both of those I capital to tackle.

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My aboriginal absolute playable bold was fabricated in Klik & Comedy and it was activity to be my Sonic RPG acknowledgment to Mario RPG on the SNES. I had some abominable artwork, inappropriate music in midi form, and fistfuls of ambition. I had actually no abstraction breadth I was activity but I was activity to get there fast.

My bigger hurdle was that K&P did not accept any simple way to alteration abstracts amid levels and could not do awning scrolling. The software did about abutment up to 4 players and gave them a all-around bulk for lives and scores. I started attractive into how countersign systems formed in Wonderboy 3 and how I could maybe use that.

I concluded up creating a few puzzles and sequences that kept abidingness with this 8 bulk system. I was absorbed on authoritative games, arena games, and authoritative added games. This was one of those moments were I begin myself starting to go way aloft my accustomed branch of bookish books, brand academy learning, and Saturday morning cartoons. I bare to accompany my artistic assignment to activity and ad-lib worlds.

I connected to use Klik accoutrement for years as they adapted and afflicted slowly. The accomplished time I consistently hit its limitations while advertent means about it like the countersign arrangement above. I got into activation as able-bodied as banana books, but authoritative amateur was my focus.

I’ve consistently aloof had the crawling to create. My dad fabricated abiding that I consistently had cardboard and pencils to get all that activity out on. I’m animated my parents helped me focus that affection and never told me to accord up on what I was accomplishing with my time.

If you beggarly an absolute bold as against to arts and crafts, I anticipate it would accept to be a lath bold I fabricated aback I was in elementary school.I don’t bethink the bigger details, but I had fatigued a chess lath arrangement on the aback of a additional worksheet and was answer the rules and ambience to my schoolmates as admitting I was the Bold Adept for a tabletop RPG.

It was acceptable to accept bodies comedy my game. Filled with aplomb I fabricated a second, which became article of a series, so I anticipate the accomplishments in what I do now was formed at that time. 

The aboriginal bold I anytime played was alleged GORILLAS. It was an MS-DOS bold – a QBASIC game, to be exact – that came with our aboriginal home computer. I must’ve been bristles or six years old at the time, and I was aggravating to blend about with the computer. I knew sometimes computers had games, but no bulk what executable I accursed up, none of them was a game. That was, until I accursed up QBASIC.EXE. QBASIC was a programming ambiance for Microsoft’s QuickBASIC programming language, and with it came some tutorial files. NIBBLES.BAS was Snake, and GORILLAS.BAS was a 2-player “Tanks”-type bold but with gorillas. To accessible the game, I loaded up GORILLAS.BAS, looked at the code, and again hit F5 to “run” the code. 

I couldn’t apprehend English at the time, but I did acquisition the capital menu’s argument in the cipher one day. I afflicted it to say “R A M I”, booted up the game, and saw my name instead of the accustomed capital agenda prompts. From that point on, I knew computers construe words into amateur – and I never chock-full aggravating to bulk out how to accomplish things.

As a child, one of the kids in our accompany accumulation alleged anybody to go to his home to comedy a new affair he has alleged “video bold console”. It was an Atari, and for some acumen I begin it appealing boring. It was years later, aback I aboriginal saw an arcade chiffonier with Phoenix, that I was affected by video games. It was a abandoned pilot angry behemothic conflicting birds in the space, and aggregate was so alarming and absurd that I fell in love.

Later, afterwards years of convenance I assuredly beated R-Type (with a credit, as it was accepted not to abide due to the abridgement of coins), and with that actually difficult victory, I feel assured abundant to anticipate I would be able to accomplish a video bold some day. And so I did… like 20 years later, but hey 🙂  – I started authoritative cartoon with an Amiga 500, application Deluxe Paint IV, but acutely I absent all my discs afterwards a affective :___( I can’t alike analysis if I’m any bigger now XD

I fabricated my aboriginal bold as a University student. Not a agenda game, it was an alternation agenda game. Afflicted by amateur like Avalon Hill’s “Up Front” I capital to accomplish a simple agenda bold of my own. In the game, you anatomy your own yakuza gang, acquisition members, architectonics up your abundance and accepting fights – a aphotic bold – but I bethink adequate arena it with my friends.

Hang ‘Em Aerial layout

The aboriginal adumbration that I was destined to become a bold artist was in drafting chic in aerial school. We were declared to be architectonics out attic affairs for an advancing architectonics activity and I absitively to draw (from memory) the Hang ‘Em Aerial akin from Halo 1. It was my Drafting abecedary that appropriate I go into video bold development afterwards talking with him about the future, so if you’re account this, acknowledgment Mr. Macmillan!

My parents were never the affectionate who bought aggregate their kid asked them, so if I capital article badly, I would try to accomplish a bruised archetype with the things I had at home.

One of those things I actually capital was Kirby Cool Star, aback I was about 7 years old. I bethink I drew Kirby on a tiny allotment of paper, and adapted “stages” on my sketchbook, and I would move Kirby amid those clumsily accessible levels. With time, I concluded up abacus mini-puzzles in between, and alike authoritative pop-up books to accomplish the stages added interesting.

I started administration these activity books with my friends, and I apparent I enjoyed authoritative actuality for added bodies way added than I enjoyed arena them myself.

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As I grew up I confused assimilate computer amateur afterwards acquirements about Flash and added engines, aggressive by the amateur I’d see on Newgrounds. I started to lurk bold development forums aback I was 12 years old, and back that moment I knew that it was what I capital to do for the blow of my life.

I don’t accept any of those activity books with me anymore, but the oldest affair I accept is the evolution of the sprites I accept fabricated for Connected Gone Days. The alternation drawing is from 2003.

alternation adaptation (2003)

agenda adaptation (final bold due in 2018)

I’m a musician. Over the years, I beatific applications to adapted video bold companies to assignment as a composer.

It was difficult to acquisition work, so I absitively if I couldn’t acquisition a austere video bold activity to accomplish music for, I would actualize the bold myself! In accomplishing so, I apparent that I actually admired to actualize games, their rules, their worlds, and the cipher to accord them life.

I absitively to assignment against absolution my game, which became added important to do than creating music. I coded my own shmup engine, drew my sprites, and recorded my own complete and music. It was the aboriginal video bold I’d fabricated on my own. (There’s a new adaptation on Steam now!)

It wasn’t the aboriginal video bold I’d anytime formed on. I was a abstracts administrator on Tintin, Michael Jackson, and Aloof Dance 2, and again I was a artist on Killer Freaks and ZombiU at Ubisoft. But Overdriven was the aboriginal bold I fabricated all on my own. 


I originally started as a Net Artist. My absorption has consistently been the web and how interactivity and art there can actualize new types of artistic announcement that are yet to be explored. At atomic that was my basal drive. Aback I started (seriously creating, not aloof “tinkering”), I was extensive the end of aerial academy and attractive at college. This was the dot-com balloon era. I would absorb best of my time in the library, planning what I would actualize aback I came home. Doodling affairs during classes. My apple was online, and creating things there was all I would do. It’s not article I aggregate with accompany either (nobody knew).

Most of my work, at the time, was actuality done to this activity alleged “BlueSuburbia”. You can still “play” it here. It was my abstraction of creating a apple based on alternate poetry, art, and activity based about my writing. Affectionate of like balladry you would not alone read, but actually acquaintance and feel.

During the point breadth academy was a austere consideration, about all of the advisers told me that I should break abroad from computers and that “internet niche” because computers can abort your creativity. I actually did not fit in, or accept a approaching there. I actually capital to be allotment of this internet thing, and that wasn’t absolutely actuality taught. So, I pursued my own art and absitively to accomplish my own rules. In retrospect, I affliction nothing.

My aboriginal bold was Fran Bow, but it looked a bit adapted from what Fran Bow is today. 

Isak Martinsson and I had initially been absorbed in authoritative alive activity movies and animations. We additionally had a connected accomplishments in art, writing, and music authoritative as well. We capital to be able to amalgamate our passions, and amateur aloof acquainted like the appropriate bulk of all genitalia (art, music, writing, apple creations, animation) additional two new things: programing and design. That fabricated us feel like we would be able to LEARN new things, which is a absolute able force that drives us forward.

After we saw Indie Game: The Movie, we accomplished that our dream wasn’t so far fetched, and that we would be able to accomplish a bold alike at home. We aloof bare to abstraction a little on what software to use. 

Fran Bow is based appealing abundant on my activity and the affliction time of it, alloyed with the best enlightning experiences. Father absence, animal abuse, medical treatments that never helped, affective from Chile to Sweden, and all that entering a new ability agitated with it–those are some of the bases for my creation. I actually feel like, for me, it was the best 3 year analysis I anytime been to. 

When I was in middle-school, I’d architectonics these cool busy levels for this bold I’d invented alleged “Speed-Ball.” (Let’s leave the abominably aboveboard name aside.) The bold was an activity platformer that was basically a mashup of Bonk’s Adventure, Sonic the Hedgehog and Cool Mario Bros with a Mega Man aberration in that you’d defeat adept enemies and booty their powers.

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The capital appearance was the titular, abominably named, Speed Ball. He had a side-kick, Marble. They were residences of the Pinball Superworld, a Tron-ripoff abstraction wherein the apple central of pinball machines was abounding of acquainted anthropomorphized animate bearings with capacity and characters. Spider-ball. Aqua-ball. Ice-ball. Motor-ball…you get it. There were 503 of them all together, and I bethink alive endlessly designing them.

The levels were acquired crap, and every abstraction was aloof a hardly adapted ripoff of the amateur that I admired aback I was that age, but I abstruse a lot about bold architectonics from the experience. In ripping these amateur off, I was aback demography what I allegedly advised to be the best genitalia of them and abrogation the beneath absorbing bits. You do that enough, and put your own adulation into it enough, and you’re authoritative art.

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