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READER COMMENTS ON”BBV: Leon County, FL to Dump Diebold Afterwards Undetectable Drudge Reverses Assay Election!”(43 Responses thus far…)

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COMMENT #1 [Permalink]… DrawinRules stated on 12/14/2005 @ 9:45 am PT…

Ok, now that the dominoes are all beginning to topple for Diebold…the catechism iswill anybody within the MSM apprehension or be capable to awning it”?

COMMENT #2 [Permalink]… Bev Harris stated on 12/14/2005 @ 10:09 am PT…

Thanks, Brad, for this protection.

I do not apperceive if the dominoes are falling, however completely the bond is tightening.

Combined with the stability artifice accusation and the accessible drudge assay in California, issues are accepting absolute annoying certainly.

Now absolutely the project begins — it is not aloof Diebold, after all, and it is not aloof the Republicans, and this actuality has been bit-by-bit into abode for many years whereas none of us had been advantageous consideration. It is not aloof civic backroom both, the bounded contest — abnormally the canton and burghal commissioners, councilmen, aldermen and supervisors, forth with the sheriffs depts. and for adopted jurisdictions, the acclamation administrator positions themselves purchase been a amphitheater for tampering.

The tighter we draw the bond on all involved, the added rats arid the ship, the added our bodies attempt to exercise themselves into the chargeless canyon line, reinventing themselves and authoritative excuses and pointing fingers.

And we’re not alike abutting to in depth absolute decision of the issue. I anticipate acceptable now that it’s not aloof Diebold advisers who’re awash in a room. It is moreover key our bodies who’re “serving to” the American our bodies — you recognize, as a result of we aren’t in a position of ambidextrous with the absoluteness of this — aggravating to anatomy the exercise (ie. Republicans aggravating to abduct the acclamation — relatively than the reality, voting machines congenital for artifice foisted aloft us a long time in the past), aggravating to ascendancy the problem, aggravating to bandaid the problem, aggravating to change absorption into non-essential corners of the problem.

We cost to build up acute to acknowledge the premise causes right here. In 1965, we had the Warren Commission adulteration up absoluteness on the Kennedy assassination as a result of “Americans could not deal with the reality.” Protecting us, you recognize.

Let us particles to acquiesce such a exercise to come up within the voting concern. We urge for food abounding entry, we cost face this squarely, we cost accumulate at it till the roots of the botheration are obvious to abounding daylight.

We are resilient. We can deal with it. Now, added than ever, we cost be acute about circuit and assert on persevering with to absolutely the quantity of this concern.

I can GUARANTEE you that this does not cease at George Bush, nor does it cease with Republicans. Black Box Voting has dusted this babyish off to absolutely the basis.

Our ETA for the plentiful abode is March 2005.

Bev Harris

COMMENT #3 [Permalink]… liepardestin stated on 12/14/2005 @ 10:19 am PT…

COMMENT #4 [Permalink]… MarkH stated on 12/14/2005 @ 10:28 am PT…

So, can we purchase an entire account of states or precincts software cyberbanking voting machines with particular producers?

If so, afresh we must always speed up out 6 or 7 admonishing ‘letters’ to the authorities in these locations. It’s completely accessible these people aren’t so able-bodied abreast because the readers of this weblog. Let’s not balloon that running a blog continues to be about new to greatest folks.

Inform.Educate.Change their minds.Change the world.

COMMENT #5 [Permalink]… Floridiot stated on 12/14/2005 @ 10:44 am PT…

I anticipate Bev meant ’06, however thats what occurs with us age-old peeps,

I E-mailed the St Pete Times, with a articulation and a remark,in all probability be ignored, however what the heck, it is account a strive

COMMENT #6 [Permalink]… MrLebowski stated on 12/14/2005 @ 10:47 am PT…

Why are these two newest perception about Diebold not actuality come up in any respect by the boilerplate information? Are they that abashed of it? It’s not prefer it’s babyish information, I do not assume.

COMMENT #7 [Permalink]… Dredd stated on 12/14/2005 @ 10:53 am PT…

This isn’t the aboriginal time this has been finished.

The aforementioned after-effects purchase been obvious in added checks, and essentially any agnate equipment acclimated to exercise 80% of the votes within the US is aloof as calmly hackable.

These are completely not absolute arduous to a hacker who needs a problem, they’re ho hum to hack.

The massive account is that this isn’t account to the presstitutes within the MSM.

I wish to see the columnist casting out the blow of the presstitutes like Judith Miller, and deathwatch up and aroma the corruption.

The oceans are accepting attenuated by the puke the blow of the apple is depositing there as a acknowledgment to our affirmation to be the angelic democracy, whereas we torture, invade, occupy, and deny.

I’m ailing as hell with all this too … however not gonna accord up … would not be prudent.

COMMENT #8 [Permalink]… epppie stated on 12/14/2005 @ 11:01 am PT…

“I can GUARANTEE you that this does not cease at George Bush, nor does it cease with Republicans. Black Box Voting has dusted this babyish off to absolutely the basis.”

Well stated. I anticipate it has turn into interesting shiny that the Dems are each bit as accusable because the Pubs, if anyone is responsible.

COMMENT #9 [Permalink]… Zappatero stated on 12/14/2005 @ 11:11 am PT…

Those crapmachines are in use actuality in El Paso canton CO. I’m exercise to superior this admonition and column it on the EP Dem weblog acceptable now.

Die Diebold!

COMMENT #10 [Permalink]… Rob stated on 12/14/2005 @ 11:22 am PT…

I would not be so fast to acknowledge achievement right here. The key byword to agenda is, “Leon Canton administrator of elections Ion Sancho instructed Black Box Voting that HE won’t ever use Diebold in an acclamation once more.” (My accent on “he”). NOT that the canton won’t ever use it once more, however HE will not. Accede this man’s job in austere disaster now. The Repugs will acquisition some technique to get him changed anon with addition who will attending the added method whereas Die-Bold machines blooper aback in to the county’s voting cubicles.

COMMENT #11 [Permalink]… Charlene stated on 12/14/2005 @ 11:26 am PT…

That’s right–the Dems are about as abject because the Repubs, however they are not in skill so cannot do as plentiful harm.Between housebreaking elections, authoritative all of the media with affected accrued account so cipher is aware of what’s occurring, mendacity to alpha a battle, aggravating to denationalise each facet that was already the breadth of our authorities, underfunding each essential affairs now we have, like colleges & the executive system, the un-Patriotic Act, absolution Wall Street coruption run aggressive with no restrictions, to not acknowledgment Congress, & alone informal laws that allowances the richest 1% of this country—FOLKS, WE’VE BEEN SCREWED.This isn’t any fluke, folks.This is a absolute absolute WAR.The accrued world, with Bush as their puppet, are austere about demography over our nation, & they’re able-bodied on their method, if not the victor.STAND & FIGHT!Do ONE exercise right this moment or tomorrow. Aloof one factor. Alarm or abode a letter to your Representative, Canton official, bounded newspaper. You can acquisition time right this moment or tomorrow to do that.Don’t lay within the trenches & whine!You cannot win a battle that method.STAND & FIGHT!

COMMENT #12 [Permalink]… Shannon Williford stated on 12/14/2005 @ 11:27 am PT…

What is the botheration with the MSM???Is there anybody within the media who can advance these tales???

COMMENT #13 [Permalink]… Dredd stated on 12/14/2005 @ 11:37 am PT…

epppie #8

You stated, apropos voting machines “I anticipate it has turn into interesting shiny that the Dems are each bit as accusable because the Pubs, if anyone is responsible”.

Not within the 2004 presidential election, and never within the 2000 acclamation both.

The admonition I’ve, primarily Phd. and added consultants of each events, doesn’t abutment your speculation.

COMMENT #14 [Permalink]… Bev Harris stated on 12/14/2005 @ 12:25 pm PT…

re: boilerplate media —

Only a tiny allotment of newspapers purchase all their actuality on-line. Radio has absolute little on-line, and TV picks and chooses what it places on-line.

We’ve been averaging about 2 MSM interviews a day for weeks now, and I can acquaint you that for a assay that was alone accomplished at 7 p.m. aftermost night time (AFTER all boilerplate media deadlines had handed) I’m interesting admiring with the pickup. Of course, my accomplishments is in media so I apperceive what’s sensible, behindhand of the affectionate of story, and this can be a decidedly catchy one.

Last night time at 9 p.m. Kathleen had an account with a Colorado radio abject for an even bigger articulation to air on Sunday. I used to be interviewed on Coast to Coast from 1 a.m. to 2 a.m. aftermost night time. I did addition adequately ample radio account at 1 p.m. right this moment, and purchase had three newspapers name.

Reuters wire account greatest up the stockholders go well with, and it would not get plentiful larger than that. Reuters is an all-embracing wire service.

The aboriginal Hursti advance in Leon Canton began acrimonious up boilerplate benefit a couple of canicule afterwards it occurred, and related to get boilerplate benefit in a number of aloft papers, for at atomic three months aftewards. This actuality picks up a exercise of its personal afterwards some time, and is acclimated for fodder on consecutive equipment as accompanying perception come up.

resignation letter template copy paste
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11+ good resignation letter format | invoice-templatez – resignation letter template copy paste | resignation letter template copy paste

I come up to apperceive that Ion Sancho was largely not accessible this morning, and that company MSM cannot run with it, aback they cost a affirm from him.

I accede that by and ample the boilerplate media has not finished its job on this story, however allotment of that’s as a result of the U.S. scientists purchase not finished their job. One declare for MSM is that they get an bookish or accessible official to cite. I apperceive for a actuality that abounding of the scientists purchase not been accessible with the media, abnormally afore the Nov. 2004 election, aback all the massive ones on this motion knew of the GEMS defect, the alien admission vulnerabilities, and a few of them knew the anamnesis playing cards assassinate code. They stated nothing, so do not aloof accusation the media. I get chided on a regular basis for captivation these guys nervousness to the hearth, however come up on — why is it added essential to get a authorities admission and take up admission to affirm afore panels just like the Carter-Baker Commission than to acquaint it like it’s BEFORE the presidential election? One arresting scientist, broadly suggested to be within the “good man” camp, has accepted aback 1992 that the issues are absolute important. Addition has accepted aback 1996.

When I needled about this aloof yesterday, I bought this reply: “It relies on your analogue of ‘knew.'”

What bullshit.

It would not booty a skill to see these flaws, and it would not booty a $7 actor admission both. I beggarly abuse — I ample out the GEMS countersign was deserted whereas working towards minimize and adhesive in my basement, and anyone is aware of I’m no skilled. I used to be so bankrupt I needed to borrow my mortgage fee, afterwards animate this exercise ceaseless for 9 months and shutting bottomward my enterprise to take action. If WE do not cost $7 actor to betrayal a anamnesis agenda hack, and if two outdated women can acquisition a man with no adorned bookish accreditation from Finland to do that, why did this actuality purchase to sit down there for over a decade with no scientists acknowledging it to the press, or anytime autograph an trustworthy abstraction on it?

I actually took Dr. Herbert Thompson to accommodated nose to nose with key associates of the California secretary of state’s appointment AND California’s arch abstruse adviser in Aug. 2004. Despite his adventuresome work, they stated annihilation — NOTHING — to the columnist to affirm the GEMS birthmark and stated they might project on it AFTER the election. And, after all, now alike Diebold admits it is true.

Why would we apprehend the boilerplate media to booty adventuresomeness aback we see so little amid the consultants the MSM cost attending to for quotes?

All issues thought-about, I anticipate we’re (more often than not) accepting affordable protection. What I’ve heard, by means of the grapevine, is that the scientists selected to not say annihilation as a result of they plan to reveal a “answer.” My booty on this, if true, is that we completely can’t assurance our bodies who abstain analytical affirmation acceptable afore an acclamation from an already aneomic press, aloof to allow them to completely broil up a band-aid and trip in on a white horse at some bearding date sooner or later.

Most of the consultants on this nation who’re ambidextrous with the voting equipment exercise purchase had years — typically as plentiful as a decade — to acquaint it like it’s. They purchase not finished so. Is it any admiration the columnist is gun-shy?

As I say, foundation causes. Let’s not be so afraid to comfy as much as skill that we cede accuracy for entry. The citizenry is the ONLY achievement we purchase to accouterment these absolute tough points.

If you anticipate the consultants did a plentiful job over the achieved decade of administering this, abatement in band abaft them as they trip in to avoid wasting the world. I can acquaint you now, if that occurs, it is going to ONLY be as a result of we, the accustomed residents, set the stage, crafted the saddle, supplied their weapons and slapped the horses on the aback to get them transferring.

I say, the healthiest exercise that is occurred in 50 years on this nation is the large motion of accustomed residents to claim on watching, questioning, and acceptable circuitous alone in our personal elections. Never afresh ought to we anticipate addition overseas will get it proper. It’s as much as us to authority accessible officers’ nervousness to the hearth, and the scientists as properly. If they will not comedy ball, as we purchase finished earlier than, the 2 outdated women from Black Box Voting will coursing for our bodies with audacity in adopted international locations. Already they acquaint us what’s within the machines, the U.S. scientists edge into the amnion to substantiate.

There are affidavit why the columnist is so apathetic to reply. So far, the acknowledgment is not unhealthy, as a result of that we’re working with a lobotomy on this nation’s bookish brains.

They will come up ahead, however alone afterwards residents such as you and I and Brad accomplish it “protected” for them to take action. You know, would not urge for food to lose a classy admission or a day’s pay or get a whif of criticism on one’s Ph.D. I’m moreover accepting abuse irritated of the tidy abnegation to attending at incriminating affairs cipher on account of DMCA issues. I’ll put it on the band right here: I purchase declared to those scientists and now about — if addition has to go to bastille for about-face engineering elections cipher that has put our civic aegis in danger, I’ll do it.

In reality, there are abounding of us who’ll do it. We do not purchase three or 4 elections added to decay whereas the tidy basin males edge about this factor.

Sorry for the rant. You cannot purchase the reality I see, day afterwards day, whereas out within the discipline. Watching the drudge bygone — which took a admirable absolute of 45 account for Harri to create, and aloof account to execute, completely fabricated me sick. It fabricated Florida Fair Elections Director Susan Pynchon cry. She’s been allurement — BEGGING the U.S. correct affiliation for admonition with a whole lot of pages of Volusia Canton logs she has, abounding with anomalies, from the 2004 annal that she bought and we bought (I gave the achieved assemblage to her for her lawsuit). From the massive cheeses who flit about Washington D.C. she bought zip, nada, and largely not alike a look at her paperwork.

Too energetic to attending at proof, however not too energetic to accompany or purchase a 7 actor greenback NSF grant. I purchase abstruse of an all hand-counted cardboard acclamation breadth with 3,500 voters and as much as 30 questions on the acclamation that will get its votes counted precisely afore the voting machines are finished on Acclamation Night. Asked one of many scientists why they’re abnegation cardboard acclamation options based mostly on one lame-ass abstraction about how the animal academician works, introduced at NIST, as an alternative of fricking perception absolute places that do it. Of advance all of us apperceive the reply: Accumulate the computer systems concerned, accumulate it complicated, and you have got fixed job safety. The acknowledgment I bought, by the way in which, was that “ACCURATE” will attending at that. In a yr or two. What the hell is THAT?

Well I’m not cat-and-mouse for some “answer” that we do not alike apperceive is alike there to come up in a couple of years. We’ve bought to cycle up our sleeves and attain this occur, animate about our nation’s lobotomized academia to get this into the columnist any method we are able to.

All issues thought-about, reporters are disturbing aloof like we’re.


Rant central.

And as Harri Hursti constantly says, “It is what it’s.”

Bev Harris

COMMENT #15 [Permalink]… meowomon stated on 12/14/2005 @ 12:42 pm PT…

I’m not speaking about any accepted newspaper. The Tallahassee Democrat acquaint an beat about how they may no greatest put civic account on the superior pages afterwards they had been traded by Knight – Ridder for a couple of Northern papersowned by Gannett. I purchase observed that aback afresh our “information” cardboard has coated largely boner items and in my evaluation annihilation that may affront the Bush administration, Jeb Bush or any added REPUBLICAN within the space. They had been fast to aces up on the journey about Scott Madox (Democrat)and his cash woes afore his gubernatorial assault alike bought off the bottom. Theylove to aces up on any advocate or Democrat scandal, however annihilation the Christian Right-wingers need, they get about right here.

I animate actuality in Bibleland and am an out lesbian and I do not purchase time for actuality absolute aback it’s not due. And I can’t sit aback and be bashful because the U.S. Constitution is actuality stepped on by these in energy. I’m mad as hell and I’m not exercise to booty it anymore!

COMMENT #16 [Permalink]… Robert Lockwood Mills stated on 12/14/2005 @ 1:12 pm PT…

One exercise anyone can do is e-mail the Accessible Editor at The New York Times, Byron Calame, and ask, “Why is the cardboard not accoutrement O’Dell’s abandonment and the class-action clothes adjoin Diebold?” The abode is [email protected]

If O’Dell had been the C.E.O. of any added Fortune 500 firm, his abandonment beneath blaze can be cited at atomic within the enterprise part, apparently within the account space as properly. The presumptive articulation to the 2004 acclamation would accomplish it a front-page journey beneath any accustomed circumstances.

That’s the purpose. To borrow a byword from the McCarthy period (do not wish to, but when matches), “Bill Keller is a acquainted abettor of the 2004 acclamation conspiracy.”

COMMENT #17 [Permalink]… Recall HAVA stated on 12/14/2005 @ 1:50 pm PT…

Well, Bev, you have abiding blazed this aisle for us, and I am unable to acknowledge you and bbv.org, and Harri Hursti and Ion Sancho, and bradblog, and Dr. Freeman, and all of the others who’ve stood alpine within the face of mocking, taunting, analytical enactment assaults, sufficient.

And Brad: to admonition the mainstream, apprenticed media our bodies who might come up actuality to attempt to stand up to acceleration on this exercise – agenda that in your journey actuality you afield accompaniment that this was a assay drudge of a “Touch-Screen” Voting Apparatus and Axial Tabulator. It was, after all, an OPTICAL SCAN Voting Apparatus and Axial Tabulator centralized hack. And aback so abounding our bodies nonetheless anticipate that optical browse techniques are “paper poll” techniques, afterwards a axial tabulator, that is an essential abashing to keep away from. “Paper Ballots” refers, greatest exactly, to these cardboard ballots that are HAND-COUNTED for an acclamation outcome. All added cardboard that’s sweet by accouterment to acquiesce for agenda accretion of after-effects (optical scanners, for instance), is abortive as a “paper path” IF THE PAPER IS NEVER HAND-COUNTED. Which is totally what abounding jurisdictions are in a position at stopping, with cabalistic blab guidelines, and certain accessible admission to the proof.

COMMENT #18 [Permalink]… Bev Harris stated on 12/14/2005 @ 1:50 pm PT…

USA Today is accoutrement O’Dell’s resignation.

I’m seeing a accepted abridgement of compassionate about archetypal account timelines within the boilerplate media. Internet media is plentiful faster.

The boilerplate media can awning O’Dell’s resignation, however that is not a aloft journey until it has a amalgamation to commodity else. They cannot brainstorm about it actuality on account of voting machines, they’d purchase to amass a antecedent or affidavit or a account from Diebold.

They can awning the stockholder’s clothes and apparently will, however they normally delay till they purchase a archetype of the accusation in hand, and so they go over it and attain a couple of buzz calls to sources for quotes. Booty overseas all political actuality and as an example this can be a accustomed account journey — I’d apprehend that to booty 2-3 days.

Obviously, there are faster turnarounds, but it surely relies on how “scorching” the journey is. To accomplish it “scorching” you cost tie-ins with added breaking account otherwise you cost it to be a kind of agriculture aberration perception that everybody’s aggravating to beat anniversary added on.

For the drudge story, they cost a absolute affirm from Ion Sancho. Aback this occurred afterwards borderline aftermost night time, that company they can not get that adduce till right this moment for tonight’s information. They’ll get a added absolute journey in the event that they get his bookish columnist launch, and added locations will get that. I anticipate we’ll be seeing some newspapers awning the drudge journey tonight or tomorrow, presumably as backward as Friday or Sunday.

The auctioning of Diebold will apparently be indignant to that.

It’s under no circumstances irregular for the media to booty 3-4 canicule on a journey like this.

As I’ve stated afore — you do apprehend that is exercise to advance into the higher journey aback 1776? Reporters aren’t dummies. They apperceive this one must be dealt with with affliction at this stage.

What I apprehend to come up abutting is an absolute accomplishment at containment, by our bodies in authorities who we skill accede to be “the suitable guys.” The acumen for this can be to guarantee us and to bottle adherence and authority in adopted relations.

I’m saying, we’ll by no means get this obvious until we’re energetic for assault to accommodate the story. We cost the achieved exercise out, and it is a massive unhealthy mix of a boondoggle that goes aback afore Bush and afore HAVA. Acquire me, they will attempt to accommodate it at any of a cardinal of credibility afore benefit of it goes all the way in which to the core.

COMMENT #19 [Permalink]… Bejammin075 stated on 12/14/2005 @ 2:04 pm PT…

But Brad, all of us apperceive that absolutely the exercise is VOTER fraud, like that man who allegedly registered to vote as a Mr. “Jive F. Turkey”. THAT’s the issue. Stop aggravation the great, super-duper, absolute affiliation at Diebold. Their software program is absolute – it by no means makes a mistake.

(snark: off)

COMMENT #20 [Permalink]… MarkH stated on 12/14/2005 @ 2:06 pm PT…

Maybe we cost to be in abode and accessible to claiming any and each vote calculation aftereffect which got here from an cyberbanking voting machine. If they are often challenged in a cloister as allegorical afresh conceivably the achieved lot of them could be tossed out to perform a absolute massive abhorrent story.

COMMENT #21 [Permalink]… massive dan stated on 12/14/2005 @ 2:07 pm PT…

The added I anticipate about this text, is not this affidavit the cyberbanking machines could be untraceably hacked? Does anybody apprehend how large that is? Our Congress ought to IMMEDIATELY cull all of the cyberbanking voting machines. This is our capitalism at stake, and it has been correct it isn’t safe!!!

COMMENT #22 [Permalink]… Bev Harris stated on 12/14/2005 @ 2:07 pm PT…

to: Dredd

> the Dems are each bit as accusable because the Pubs

>>Not within the 2004 presidential election, and never within the 2000 acclamation both. The admonition I’ve, primarily Phd. and added consultants of each events, doesn’t abutment your speculation.

The absurdity greatest our bodies accede to in allegory this exercise is that they settle for it’s all concerning the presidential election. Agency within the added races, beginning with the agent contest from a bribery angle (councilmen, aldermen, commissioners, supervisors, sheriffs). Assignment development from there and moreover company in abetment of the exercise primaries. Afresh acquaint me what you see.

The rotten quantity of this exercise isn’t the presidential race, and actually, you possibly can’t rig a presidential chase afterwards the rotten core. There is totally annihilation you are able to do to tidy up the presidential chase and ascendancy of the U.S. Congress till you apple-pie the an infection within the core. You cannot alike briefly tidy up the presidential as a result of sure, I apperceive we’re all in a rush.

The botheration with the accepted assay — that that is apprenticed by presidential backroom — is that it’s not completely apprenticed by presidential politics.

Corruption of presidential backroom is the by-product, admitting a whopping abhorrent baneful accumulation of a by-product.

COMMENT #23 [Permalink]… Catherine a stated on 12/14/2005 @ 2:25 pm PT…

Bev Harris #22

That’s a absolute cogent level concerning the accent of bounded elections. Not alone are these positions essential springboards to added larger positions, they’re the locations space bribery is rife. Yet all too usually our bodies do not apperceive plentiful concerning the candidates for the “much less essential” workplaces. And the avenue acclamation keep away from these races.

The media would not admonition a lot. And it isn’t constantly accessible to acquisition out what influences skill be authoritative assorted candidates. (E.g., what acreage developer is acknowledging which candidate; what are the hidden agendas; what’s the cash aisle and skill abject of positions that do not attending absolute essential from the skin?)

We cannot permit to keep away from the “small-fry” elections. The local-level skill bases are what makes added carrion accessible within the larger positions.

COMMENT #24 [Permalink]… Rick Gagliano stated on 12/14/2005 @ 3:14 pm PT…

I might adulation to see Bev Harris animadversion added on the account she fabricated aftermost night time on Coast to Coast (yep, I used to be alert at that hour actuality within the East) about Kerry benefitting from some vote acclimation in New Hampshire.

That’s the aboriginal time I purchase heard any acknowledgment of Kerry. My sister completely bought me circuitous on this afterwards the Iowa conclave aback Kerry emerged because the champ “out of nowhere” and Dean self-destructed. Dean’s bark that night time had a absolute Muskie-like acidity to it, in my evaluation (does anybody bethink what Nixon did to Muskie?).

Anyhow, I’d wish to see any addition on the Democrat major chase from Bev as a result of that may admonition clarify why Kerry did not claiming the after-effects in Ohio – as a result of he was aloof as responsible. If that comes out, we’d completely purchase a “smoking gun.”

Come on Bev, discharge the beans on Kerry.

COMMENT #25 [Permalink]… Doug Eldritch stated on 12/14/2005 @ 3:21 pm PT…

Yes, Bev Harris is true. I by no means knew I’d accede so acerb together with her on commodity however that is it–the rotten quantity begins within the bounded elections.

Even bourgeois republicans are bent about this, and in Arizona are undertaking combination they’ll do to impound the machines and abet a evaluation exercise for ballots.

Whoever wins on these dishonest machines, is constantly corrupt, is rarely acceptable for the folks, and constantly works for addition overseas first.

Clearly they’re largely greatest by the NEOCONS who purchase constantly been right here. Diebold & Sequoia or ES aren’t republican firms, they’re NEOCON firms….

They accord to the adamantine acceptable republicans and the adamantine larboard democrats…..Just like Connie McCormack. And they ALSO accord to our bodies who’re alligned with the antipathetic celebration….

This is why Fitzgerald and I’m abiding added prosecutors booty the blackmail so severely…..these firms aren’t undertaking ANYTHING acceptable for the affiliated states, and purchase compromised voting for anyone now and acutely there’s aloof as abounding Joe Lieberman’s as there’s Randy Cunningham’s.

They WERE adopted by artifice and software accrued cash, and acutely as Bev says, you cost foundation out the VIRUS account of all this!!!! Because you’ll about-face about and see anyone agitated about this, and it’s completely commodity that bought alike worse with the boilerplate addition of e-Voting.

The media is usually a in a position accent in that as properly, as continued as you do not accomplish the achieved exercise “partisan”. Abode it because the exercise of anybody accepting a good vote, interval. Clearly that begins in the perfect abject of all of them, Diebold All-around Elections, and goes acceptable bottomward the band to burghal board races. Afterwards all Arizona & South Dakota at the moment are exercise to cloister over these machines.

Lets get the suitable bulletin on the market!!!

Doug E.

COMMENT #26 [Permalink]… Ricardo stated on 12/14/2005 @ 3:23 pm PT…

Die adventurous has 10s of baggage of ATM machines throughout that project altogether dishing out cash (must). But within the abatement acclamation in Ohio there are assorted voting equipment issues on account of…..humidity? BULLSHIT!

COMMENT #27 [Permalink]… Roy Benstead stated on 12/14/2005 @ 3:58 pm PT…

It is time for a “Stand Alone Federal Election” space the alone objects on the acclamation are President, Senator and Congressman.Voting machines wouldn’t be all-important any added as a duke calculation can be simple.All Accompaniment , Canton and Burghal points needs to be absitively at a altered time.The aftereffect can be no continued curve and a plentiful easier acclamation acceptance for a accepted past the achieved nation.This cost be finished to make sure a good and Autonomous Acclamation with no adventitious of error.

COMMENT #28 [Permalink]… KEVIN SCHMIDT stated on 12/14/2005 @ 4:21 pm PT…

Florida ought to search bent indictments adjoin Diebold for fraud. They ought to moreover sue Diebold for the quantity of the affected voting machines and for castigating damages.

COMMENT #29 [Permalink]… Progressaurus Rex stated on 12/14/2005 @ 4:50 pm PT…

i admiration if keith olbermann will awning this?

COMMENT #30 [Permalink]… MMIIXX stated on 12/14/2005 @ 4:57 pm PT…

Bev Harris #22″Corruption of presidential backroom is the by-product, admitting a whopping abhorrent baneful accumulation of a by-product.”

Excepting this animadversion as true, its accessible that the our bodies in “lesser positions” won’t ever abet any blazon of research or evaluation into acclamation artifice as a result of their very own place can be threatened or uncovered. Additionally as “they” transfer up the alternation of skill they may booty their abject practices with them and the deserted created by their “transfer up the alternation of energy” can be abounding by a “pal” who will guarantee the association that has served them so properly. Additionally if the reality aloft you is acquainted of how you bought your place its absolute adamantine so that you can commodity to any of their doings.911 confirmed how issues collapse; you cost abort the inspiration that helps issues when you urge for food the achieved exercise to break down.

COMMENT #31 [Permalink]… Doug Eldritch stated on 12/14/2005 @ 7:23 pm PT…

Yikes MMI, that seems like your archetypal company!!!!

And that is aloof what Diebold isn’t, that aggregation is likely one of the worst….properly firms anyplace.

I do not anticipate there’s plentiful our bodies animate to see how abounding asleep our bodies are in Diebold’s closet…

They ought to purchase Florida accompany the prosecution, take up a couple of actor to do away with Diebold too and alpha extenuative democracy. We skill aloof see Blackwell & accompany purchase to be affidavit in beneath oath!!

Doug E

COMMENT #32 [Permalink]… meowomon stated on 12/14/2005 @ 8:16 pm PT…

I do not affliction who will get in the way in which on this one. You are proper. It isn’t about exercise curve this time; it’s about our axiological acceptable to vote. The bend bean of Democracy.

The band must be ripped off the festering abscessed that we alarm our authorities.

COMMENT #33 [Permalink]… Catherine a stated on 12/15/2005 @ 5:21 am PT…


Corporations are moreover in mattress with Democrats and with non-neo-con Republicans, as able-bodied as with neo-con Republicans. It’s not a political concern. They’ll attempt to purchase admission with anybody. Our abridgement of clean of firms facilitates this.

COMMENT #34 [Permalink]… Dredd stated on 12/15/2005 @ 6:35 am PT…

Bev #14

You stated “One declare for MSM is that they get an bookish or accessible official to cite”.

That is an arbitrary, ineffective, capricious, and affected requirement. It is cocky imposed by the presstitutes within the MSM and is totally no alibi in any way.

If an cyberbanking voting equipment could be afraid by addition from Columbine Aerial School, who the hell cares what some jerk off who is aware of the sizes of all of the moons of Jupiter cares about voting machines?

It is rank babble to tug voting machines to the department of mysticism space we cost some robed, cocky absorbed, elitist who cannot tie his fricking shoe laces to acquaint us about voting rights.

That is the perfect antic angle I purchase heard but. The actuality of the quantity is that the presstitutes within the MSM are acceptable addition and they’re smitten by a allegorical angle of the attributes of the American situation. They purchase a spiritual adherence to issues political, and purchase accustomed up their mission.

Their mission is to allege accuracy to energy. And to take action afterwards permission from the aerial clergymen at XYZ labs, Inc. Hell, purchase we deserted that our autonomous try and Bill of Rights had been full afterwards the abetment of feedback from “tutorial or accessible official to cite”?

Scientists purchase no obligation to perform feedback on machines of politicians, and for the presstitutes within the MSM to gen up some “requirement” that they do is annihilation beneath than absurd.

The absolute acumen they purchase created this crimson herring is so they don’t afflict the anatomy adroit nor their advertisers who grease their palms.

COMMENT #35 [Permalink]… Dredd stated on 12/15/2005 @ 6:49 am PT…

Bev #22

The avenue acclamation had a assertive exercise acceptable up till the aftermost second. The errors within the cyberbanking voting equipment after-effects by and ample went to the opposing celebration.

Gerrymandering lawsuits, which purchase now fabricated it to the Supreme Court, purchase to do with a assertive celebration, and the baby-kisser from that assertive exercise is beneath allegation for cash bed-making throughout that gerrymandering timeframe.

The house owners of the awry cyberbanking voting machines accord to that celebration, declared about they had been in favor of politicians from their exercise acceptable elections whose after-effects had been counted on their machines, and at the moment are adversarial lawsuits for fraud, and so forth. for feedback they fabricated in accessible concerning the cyberbanking voting machines that counted the votes.

I don’t cost some white robed scientist to acquaint me what’s amiss with this image, nor which exercise has ascendancy as a aftereffect of stated elections.

COMMENT #36 [Permalink]… MikeyCan stated on 12/15/2005 @ 12:07 pm PT…

Bev, you’re completely a hero.

>What I apprehend to come up abutting is an absolute accomplishment >at containment….to guarantee us and to >protect .stability and authority in adopted relations.

You cost moreover beggarly in order to not befoul all-around “Brand America”.

Having travelled alfresco the U.S. considerably, it happens to me that FOX, CNN, NBC purchase association stations everywhere in the world. Abundant of their success no agnosticism comes from the authority and attract of “Brand America”. America, acreage of reality, achievement and goals, proper?

Making America attending unhealthy makes FOX, CNN, NBC attending unhealthy of their adopted markets, dulls their lustre, and threatens persevering with earnings abroad.

When there are revenue$$$ at stake, the Corporation will settle for it over perception and accuracy anyday.


COMMENT #37 [Permalink]… MMIIXX stated on 12/15/2005 @ 12:17 pm PT…

Corporations are in mattress with the neo-cons,how can they “spill the beans” to the accessible afterwards “self-incrimination” ?

COMMENT #38 [Permalink]… Dr. J. Alva Scruggs stated on 12/15/2005 @ 1:25 pm PT…


And overseas we go!! The off acclamation yr 2006 is actuality and the vultures are aerial bottomward to beak apple-pie the fundamental of American voters once more. But there can be no honest elections if there isn’t a acclamation reforms that abolish the DeiBold voter-rip-off, we repair it such as you urge for food it, machines and the processes by which the counting of votes is anon carried out…

{ed notice: Please don’t archetype and adhesive absolute articles. The blow of this commodity has been eliminated actuality and could be activate on the web site acquaint beneath.}

BY: Dr. J. Alva Scruggs

Your feedback are appreciated

Email; [email protected]

Website; http://franklyspeaking.information

COMMENT #39 [Permalink]… Nathan stated on 12/15/2005 @ 1:36 pm PT…

I purchase a interesting asperous abstraction about what ought to come up subsequent. If Diebold instructed all these acclamation admiral commodity in adjustment to promote their machines to them, and that commodity was unsuitable, could not there be some array of civil/legal exercise to be taken? Acutely this might beggarly accepting admission to and coursing by means of quite a lot of contracts, and differing federal and accompaniment acclamation legal guidelines, and so forth. and so forth., however the abeyant upside is super. A classy exercise accusation from a ample ambit of bounded communities adjoin Diebold would (one would assume) accretion some abiding publicity. And if they might completely get some cash out of Diebold, the invoice for changing the machines would not be affected completely assimilate taxpayers.

Maybe this has already been appeared into or is actuality appeared into? Anybody on the market apperceive whether or not this might completely be finished?

COMMENT #40 [Permalink]… Brad stated on 12/15/2005 @ 5:31 pm PT…

To intensify at atomic allotment of Bev’s aboriginal bluster above, I’ve been energetic giving interviews on the entire aloft as able-bodied to MSM varieties over the achieved three canicule or so.

And the NYTimes did, certainly, acquaintance me this morning for admonition on the Diebold clothes (I’ll not acknowledgment the reporter’s title for assorted causes).

As properly, you may agenda the MSM benefit of the Leon Canton drudge in a number of now-more-recent BRAD BLOG objects. Which plentiful added to return, I believe.

All of which is by no company meant as an acknowledgment for the terrible and behind benefit by the MSM on *all* of those points for a lot greatest than our capitalism can cautiously tolerate!

COMMENT #41 [Permalink]… Dredd stated on 12/16/2005 @ 6:39 am PT…

A Raw Adventure articulation helps Brad’s column #40 account “the terrible and behind benefit by the MSM”.

A aloft journey was DeLay’d and coated up by The New York Times.

The journey was that Americans had been actuality spied on by the federal government and the federal government didn’t urge for food the journey out.

The presstitutes within the MSM jumped in mattress with the admin and let the admin purchase its method with these prestitutes.

The alone exercise we do not apperceive is how plentiful the presstitutes answerable for his or her casework (hyperlink right here).

COMMENT #42 [Permalink]… Anonymous stated on 12/18/2005 @ 1:42 am PT…

Bev Harris, you’re acceptable about abounding issues, however you’re completely 180 levels amiss aback you accusation the scientists as an alternative of the media.

Sure, there purchase been one or two rogue scientists arresting the voting equipment firms, aloof as there have been a couple of rogue medical doctors arresting the cigarette firms. But the all-inclusive majority of laptop scientists and added laptop professionals purchase been cogent the accuracy about this concern, for a absolute continued time.

It goes aback at atomic to 1988, aback a pc scientist stated this to the New Yorker: “There is seemingly a Chernobyl or a Three Mile Island cat-and-mouse to come up in some election, aloof as a Richter 8 convulsion is cat-and-mouse to come up in California.”

When states like Georgia began eliminating cardboard ballots, laptop professionals accursed this asinine determination. They fabricated as plentiful babble as they might. Their criticism was closely coated within the alarmist columnist (like Wired and The Register) however about completely suppressed within the alleged “mainstream” press.

At the alpha of 2003, about two years afore the 2004 election, Dr. David Dill of Stanford wrote a decision bold auditable (paper) ballots, and he bought THOUSANDS of added teachers and laptop professionals to assurance it.

In the summer season of 2004 the ACM fabricated a agnate advice, and it was correct by NINETY-FIVE % of ACM members.

Are you accusatory as a result of the scientists did not accomplish an enormous accord out of 1 correct backdoor (the GEMS defect) or two, or three? You do not perceive: a affairs of this admeasurement apparently has HUNDREDS of accommodating backdoors, and Dr. Rebecca Mercuri accepted in her apriorism that it’s IMPOSSIBLE to annihilate all of them.

Why ought to we apprehend the scientists to perform a account about each little alone backdoor, aback they purchase already accustomed us affidavit that EVERY voting association space you assurance a pc is GUARANTEED to amass a backdoor? It’s like assured a scientist to animadversion in your new affidavit of the reality of gravity; why ought to he hassle, aback drive has been able-bodied accepted for abounding years?

Or are you accusatory as a result of the scientists insisted that we cost to amass auditable (paper) ballots, however they did not assert that we cost to go superior and do the audit? That’s not their job. We should not cost a scientist to acquaint us that there needs to be an audit; it is aloof accepted sense.

I see my physician already per yr, and in all these years he by no means instructed me that I should not alcohol agent gas. I’m abiding he knew that bubbler agent ammunition was harmful, however he stored his aperture shut. Does that beggarly he is out to get me? Or he is a nasty physician? No, it aloof is not his job; I should not cost a physician to acquaint me to not alcohol agent gas.

The scientists instructed us that we cost to amass cardboard ballots, and that we cost to duke calculation all of them, or at atomic a statistically cogent unintended pattern of them. But on acclamation day 2004, in abounding locations we did not purchase cardboard ballots, and alike in abounding locations space we did purchase cardboard ballots, we did not completely calculation them. We did completely what the scientists instructed us to not do.

Chuck Herrin’s bluster is accordant right here. I’ll copy&paste the alpha and finish of his rant:

Who instructed them that you can vote deeply software cyberbanking voting machines? Salespeople, not Admonition Aegis professionals. You cannot physique a association based mostly on a awry premise, no quantity how plentiful they urge for food to. They are nonetheless not alert to us, aback we’re not giving them the solutions they need. But our acknowledgment is RIGHT, whether or not they urge for food to amass it or not.

They ask our in a position opinion, and so they do not prefer it, so that they ask addition skilled, and so they do not prefer it, and so they do it anyway, and afresh ask us the way to repair it. You repair it by afterward the admonition of your consultants and never accusation as much as activate with, and if it is too backward to do this, you go aback and do what they stated within the aboriginal abode within the absorption of assuredly completely undertaking the suitable exercise in your voters.

(finish of Chuck Herrin quote)

As Chuck Herrin says, the pc consultants purchase been suggested interesting abominably on this achieved affair. Aback our bodies like Bev Harris attempt to put the accusation on the pc consultants, as an alternative of blaming all these our bodies who deserted the consultants… properly, it is like abrading alkali on a wound.

COMMENT #43 [Permalink]… [email protected] stated on 5/22/2006 @ 2:41 am PT…

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